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Episode 5 – Body Work Starts on Cab and Truck Bed

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YouTube video

Episode 5 – The Project C10 crew starts body work on the cab and the truck bed – drilling, air hammering, dismantling, tack welding and repairing inner and outer rockers, floor pans, fenders and a front bed panel that has seen better days. Time to make the call to scrap it? Find out what’s at stake in the end.

Episode 5 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: Getting ready to start on the cab. The biggest issues with the cab -twofold- are the inner and outer rockers, some old body work that wasn’t all that good and then the floor pans; we’ve got some good rock going on. So, we’re going to be replacing both inner and outer rocker panels and the front floor section. I’m going to start drilling out. I’ve already started here drilling out some of the spot welds. I’ll get the air hammer out and just start chiseling away until I get to a good note.

Paul Naber: Took the patch panel that originally was going to go half-wise on it. So, we shortened it up, made it a little smaller. Got all our metal under there treated and got my patch panel pretty much tacked in here. Right now, I’m trying to fold over the edge here where we can tack this down in the two places. Going to take a little more time with the hammering dolly. Once I get that done, then I’ll finish welding the rest of the tack welds in. It’ll be probably about 150 tack welds holding it together, but … whatever it takes.

Rick: I got a couple little holes to patch up. I got a little aggressive in my cutting. Then a little patch down here on the right front. But all in all, we’re the fitments good. Right here is part of the inner rocker. It just comes with the patch panel. So, I’m going to put that in and new inner rockers going to go from where the patch panel ends, the floor patch panel ends all the way down back here behind the B-pillar.

Jon Adams: Hello. So today we’re going to actually be dismantling the bed. We’ve got both of the bedsides already redone. Basically about 90%. So, we can actually disassemble. We’re going to prep the insides of each side of the bed. We’re going to remove the front and replace that because it’s got a little bit more than we want to try to repair. So, to be a good fix, we’re going to put a new panel in. We’re going to take it apart, we’ll set the sides down, redo the insides and then once the new piece comes in, we’ll reassemble and get ready to paint.

Rick: All right. Time for a recap and what we’re going to be doing. We’ve got the passenger side inner and outer rocker are in as well as the floor pan. Now we’re going to conquer the left side. There’s a little less old body work, but there’s more rust on the driver’s side for some reason. And we have the floor pan that we’re going to have to replace as well. So, a lot of cutting out the old, rusted pieces, fitting and welding in new replacement pieces.

Rick: Okay. We got the rocker in. It’s welded in. Grind the welds down a little bit. Fitment looks really good. That combined with the floor pan and inner rocker, we got all brand-new metal.

Paul: This fender, we had to replace the lower part of the inner brace on the fender. So, we’ve got that taken care of. I went ahead, and I had taken my patch panel, pretty much cut exactly to the size of the hole that I cut out in the fender. So, then what I did, you can see from this side, is there is probably 150 tack welds in there. That’s what you have to do with sheet metal so that way when you take it out and you grind it down to the other side, you get a nice flat service to do your filler work to.

Rick: Okay. You saw me fighting with this front bed panel. I got the metal cut out and I want to make the call. This thing is beyond what I want to repair. You can repair anything, but it gets to the point where you’ve got to cut your losses, especially since I can get this front bed panel just bolt in and I can get one for under $200. So, I’m going to go ahead and we’re going to scrap this one because all the rust inside and old body work, it’s just not worth trying to fix and it would not be a good repair long term.

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