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Episode 24 – Project C10 Mechanical Fuel Pump Repair

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Here’s What’s Next on Project C10

Episode 24 – The Project C10 team meets in the garage once more, to troubleshoot the reason three mechanical fuel pumps have failed on our Chevy after only around 150 miles on the road. We’re hoping this fourth installation hits the mark. Fingers crossed!

Episode 24 – Video Transcript

Drew Yagodnik: All right, well welcome back to Project C10. We’ve had a few issues and what you see Rick holding here are mechanical fuel pumps. So at this point, we’ve had the truck on the road literally for probably about a month and a half. We think we have around 150 miles, give or take. Rick and Justin came up today to Indianapolis (where Classic Auto’s main office is located) to take a look because our third fuel pump has already failed.

Rick Drewry: Right.

Drew: So you put in the fourth today. We went with the Edelbrock (fuel pump) but tell them what we think is happening here.

Rick: Well we really don’t know.

Drew: Right.

Rick: Part of the problem. And we thought maybe the rod was too long or somebody made a shift one, but we bought a brand new, a push rod for the mechanical pump. It’s the exact same length as what we took out of there. It did have a small like divot at the end of it. I don’t think that’s enough to really do anything, but we went ahead and replaced it. And the only thing that we could think of it’s just “junk pumps,” whether I’m not sure where they were made or anything like that or the push rod with that divot in there was too short and slapping, don’t know, but it almost looks like it was moved. The bike rod was too long.

Drew: Right.

Rick: And it was actually stretching the diaphragm out on both of these and just literally ate it up on both of them. So, hopefully the fourth time’s the charm and I’ll be honest with you, if this doesn’t fix it, we’re going with an electric fuel pump.

Drew: Right.

Rick: I’m tired of messing with it. It’s a small block 350.

Drew: Right.

Rick: A mechanical pump. This has been around since the dawn of time. I even halfway thought about putting a factory replacement pump on stock.

Drew: Now. I mean it’s crazy. Like, you know, obviously we’ve talked about in some of the videos we expected to have a few things here or there or maybe having to come back to stuff. But this has been the major thorn in the side. Truck’s getting great reviews. Everybody loves it. Your team did a phenomenal job. That all came together, but this has been our-

Rick: It runs great except for this.

Drew: Yeah.

Rick: So if anybody out there knows what causes it to chew up the diaphragms on these, please let us know. I mean, I’ve asked around, there’s a lot of theories like the rods too long or too short or, they’re just terribly built fuel pumps. I don’t care. Just let me know what you think. Or if you’ve run into this, let me know. But go through four fuel pumps in 150 miles, not acceptable.

Drew: Yeah and hopefully by that point we’re not on an electric field pump. Hopefully this does the trick.

Rick: Yeah.

Drew: We definitely have more to come. We’re going to do some follow up series, you know, just little tweaks and things that we’re going to make, but so far so good. Appreciate you coming up today.

Rick: No problem.

Drew: And fingers crossed that this little Brock pump is the solution.

Rick: Yep.

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