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Episode 23: Project-COVID 1953 – Setting Up The Exhaust

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Episode 23 – Rick walks us through the steps he took to get everything set up with the exhaust. After finding a set of pipes that were offset enough to use; he sandblasted them, baked them, and bolted them onto the car. The exhaust will be running with Super 44 mufflers on it. Having already centered the gas tank, this dual exhaust will run out the back, on either side of the gas tank, and out by the rear bumper. Using a black ceramic paint made by Eastwood that bakes on; the exhaust looks great and turned out exactly as planned.

      Episode 23 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: All right, everybody. Welcome back to Project COVID-1953, our 1953 Chevy 150 project. Want to talk to you a little bit about the exhaust and what I went through to get everything set up on the exhaust. I ended up going with exhaust manifolds that I got, and again, this is a budget build, but there’s also some intricacies that I had to work around. I’m running a T5 transmission and using this stock slave cylinder, and it’s right off the left side of the bell housing. Well, the exhaust would go through there, so it’s got to kind of fit in this tight little window to get and go back.

I ended up finding a set that was offset just enough to be able to use. I used ceramic paint that bakes on. I got it from Eastwood. It’s very cool stuff. It looks great. And then, just basically running it, bakes it in. So sandblasted them, baked them, and bolted them on the car. And then from there, I got, basically, a pipe kit from JEGS that’s two and a half inches, and I basically started piecing things together and running back. The exhaust, I’m going to be running has Super 44 mufflers on it, and the exhaust, if you’ve seen the gas tank episode, I’ve centered the gas tank, so I’m going to be running dual exhaust all the way out the back on either side of the gas tank and out back by the rear bumper.

So, all that was done, in place, welded together and mopped together. It’s also been sanded down and painted and with exhaust paint as well, and both as much as I could get on the inside as well as the outside. And I’m just going black. I’m trying to hide everything underneath the car. It’s done and it looks good. It sounded great when I test run the engine. So, stay tuned. There’s more to come, but the exhaust is turning out, in my mind… Though, actually, it turned out the way I thought it would in my mind, so pretty happy with that.

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