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Episode 23 – Classic Auto Introduces Project C10 Chevy at Indy Cars & Coffee

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Here’s What’s Next on Project C10

Episode 23 – Classic, collector and super car enthusiasts attend weekend meet-ups called Cars & Coffee to talk cars (and trucks) with like-minded admirers who have “gasoline running through their veins” and get there early for the best parking spots to show off their dream vehicles. Saturday morning, June 1, 2019 is no exception. This is when Classic Auto introduces our newly restored Project C10 Chevy to fans at Indianapolis Cars & Coffee at Gator Motorsport.

Episode 23 – Video Transcript

Drew Yagodnik: All right. It’s Drew with Classic Auto Insurance here at the Indy Cars and Coffee at Gator Motorsport, just unveiled Project C10 to the local crowd. We’ve got Rick here; everybody knows who he is. Pretty much managed this entire build for us, but obviously we’ve already unveiled it to the employees at American Modern. What’s your take on today’s show and how this thing looks under the sun?
Rick Drewry: It’s a world of difference as soon as the sun comes out because the paint on this, it’s just base coat, clear coat, with a lot of clear but a lot of it sanded off to make it smooth, but it’s your Corvette white, which I love that color. So it really reacts to the sun. The show here is awesome. I mean the amount of cars that you have, the type of cars from your basic hot rod all the way up to your exotics. It’s pretty cool. And this one, it still stands out I think.
Drew: So I think that’s what we built this for, is to bring it to these shows, become part of the mix, and the thing is it just speaks to a lot of different generations of the owners here.
Rick: Right. Right. It’s got all the features and I love watching people look at it and then realizing after a while, ‘Oh hey, you did that. Oh Hey, you did that but you don’t really notice until you really look at it.’ Even like widen the wheel tubs, the aluminum bed that looks wood, the custom paint on the dash, what we did under the hood, all of that stuff just plays off each other. The color scheme, you and I talked about that a lot going in, and it really works. Everybody’s loving the gray and red on the interior, and then the red, gray and white on the outside and how it basically pulls it all together.
Drew: Everything you just said is kind of the comments we’re getting. So definitely more to come as we kind of take it out. Next show will be in July (2019), Columbus Goodguys Nationals (Goodguys 22nd PPG Nationals, July 12-14, 2019, Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, OH). So definitely come out and take a look.

More About Indianapolis Cars & Coffee

The folks at America On Wheels like to say every single Saturday and Sunday of every single weekend of every year, a Cars & Coffee event is happening somewhere in the United States. Which is pretty much true. The America On Wheels museum that opened in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 2008 (the same year Cars & Coffee events began) manages a list of events in 200+ cities in almost all 50 states, from Alabama to Wyoming. In Indianapolis, avid car enthusiasts gather for Cars & Coffee at Gator Motorsport -Indiana’s only authorized Lotus Sales and Service Center- at 3353 West 96th Street on Saturday mornings in June through October from 9:30 until noon. Check out Indianapolis Cars and Coffee on Facebook for more.

Legacy of Classic Auto Insurance

Classic Automobile Insurance Agency is a family business built on a love of classic cars. We take every opportunity to give back to fellow classic and collector car enthusiasts by sponsoring events such as Carmel Artomobilia and Fuelicious, attending classic car events throughout the Midwest to document owners’ stories of their dream cars, partnering with like-minded companies and organizations to better serve our customers and bringing you unique learning opportunities like Project C10, powered by American Modern. Having owned a variety of collectibles ourselves, we understand your unique needs as the owner of a prized vehicle. Its age, rarity, value, unique features, limited use, availability of parts and services and popularity across generations require special protection. Whether you bought it at auction, drove it off the lot or restored it to perfection in your garage, we will build you a personal auto insurance program designed specifically for owners of collectible cars, and provide support when claim time comes. Call 888-901-1338 or get an instant quote online and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.

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