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Episode 22: Project-COVID 1953 – Fitting For The Seats

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Episode 22 – Just when you think you’ve got things figured out and then you put something in place and go, ugh, that doesn’t work! That’s what Rick discovered with the seating. Unhappy with a set of bucket seats from a mid-nineties Geo Storm, Rick decides to bite the bullet and buy a set of Procar, low-back, gray bucket seats. Being a little wider, they fit better and will give the Chevy 150 a more traditional look.

      Episode 22 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: Hi everybody.

Welcome back everybody to Project COVID-1953, it’s our 1953 Chevy 150 project. And I want to tell you a little bit about – I was fitting for the seats and it’s a budget build so I’m trying not to spend too much money getting this thing going. I had a set of bucket seats for it. They were out of a Geo Storm from the nineties, I guess the mid or early nineties. And they were great. They were cloth. They reclined and folded forward. They fit the bill but when I went to set them in place, it just didn’t feel right. I didn’t like them. They were too narrow. They almost looked odd sitting in the car. I didn’t start drilling holes or anything. I just set them in place to take a look at them. I finally made the decision and bit the bullet, and I ended up buying a set of Procar, low-back gray bucket seats that’s going to end up going in the car.

They look more traditional. They fit better. They’re a little wider, a little shorter and it’s going to be a whole lot nicer. So, I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought them. And I’m going to be happy, I’m sure I’m going to be happy with that decision. There’s plenty of seats out there and that’s the other thing, too. If you’re looking at a two-door car, everybody said, “Oh get power seats, get this and that.” But you have to get seats that fold forward and a lot of these do not because they come out of four-door cars or SUV’s, things like that. So, you literally have to find a car that’s a two-door that folds forward and that’s what you can use. There’s usually only a handful of larger cars that will have a seat wide enough that also folds forward.

A Monte Carlo, for example, or something like that. And then again, do you want the headrests on the top? Get it way up at the window. I decided I wanted it low, so basically, the top of the seat is close to it where the bottom of the window opening is. The best thing I could find, and they’re brand new and they look nice, is the Procar low-back seats and that’s what I went with. It’s one of those things where you think you’ve got it figured out until you put something in place and go, ugh, it didn’t work. You’ll see that later as I’m doing the interior, but I think I made the right decision.

Stay tuned. There’s more to come but wanted to let you know one of those pivotal points when you make a decision, you might have it planned but it may not work out. But I think it’s going to work out now. Stay tuned. Talk to you soon.

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