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Episode 18: Project-COVID 1953 – Bolting Everything on the Engine

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Episode 18 – Today, Rick is setting the new engine in place and getting the new engine mounts mocked up. The turbo 350 is removed, and a T-5 is put in its place. The new clutch, bell housing, bull run, and transmission are all bolted down. Motor mounts are tacked down, and we are sitting in really great shape. Ready to tackle the next step!

               Episode 18 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: Hey guys, welcome back to COVID 1953, our 1953 Chevy 150 project. Here is an update; setting the engine in place and getting the new engine mounts mocked up. I put it in place with the transmission; the cross-member is riveted in place, so it is not moving. It had a turbo 350 in it, and I am going to a T-5. I ended up bolting on the new clutch, bell housing, bull run, and transmission. I put the engine and transmission in as one piece and then lined up the transmission cross-member to the mount on the T-5. So, that is put that in place. I had the motor mounts on there, it looked good, but I decided it needed to go back about two inches further. So, I had to modify the transmission mount, which I did. And then, I was able to move it back two inches to get me where I wanted to be and get the engine to be closer to the firewall.

Now, that is all done. I tacked the motor mounts in place and bolded things down. So now, I’ve got the engine exactly where I want it. I can move on to other things like; exhaust and things like that. That way, we can get things dialed in on the engine and move towards test firing the engine. But yeah. Now, the engine is in place. The motor mounts are tacked, and transmission cross-member and mounts are modified to fit. I still have to do a drive shaft and things like that, but in general, it is sitting center and exactly where I want it. So, we are good to go!

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