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Episode 17– One Sweet Gauge Box with Classic Instruments

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Here’s What’s Next on Project C10

Episode 17 – With day job delays behind them, the Project C10 crew makes steady progress. Rick Drewry installs one sweet gauge box in the dashboard with classic instruments that coordinate beautifully with the red and gray cab interior. A digital speedometer is a modern touch. Up next, installing the doors

Episode 17 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: All right, so these are our gauges; I actually love these things. Classic instruments. Just love the style. The red ties right in with the gray and red interior that we’re going with, and then all the wiring. A lot of people say, “Yeah, put the gauges in.” Well, there’s more to it than just setting them in place. So, in here in the back I’ve got all my connections so it’s easy. If I’ve got to take the dash out, I just unplug it, so that’s kind of a goal there. I’ve got, basically, just all of them connected. Also, we’ve got a digital speedometer, so that’s pretty much it. This is going in. Just like that.

Action – The Project C10 crew assembles the truck bed

Drew Yagodnik: We’re making a lot of progress. With this project, we’ve had a lot (hindrances). The ability for us to work consistently was dependent on claims in the collector car program (of American Modern Insurance, Classic Auto underwriter and sponsor of the Project C10 Restoration).

Rick: Right.

Drew: Obviously this year, we have had some natural disasters.

Rick: A couple hurricanes, some big fires, things like that that limited and slowed the project down, which, yeah, the customer comes first, so we have to do that.

Drew: What are we on to next? I know we got doors and front fenders-

Rick: Well, I want to finish the dash, and get all of that done, all the wiring done, and then get the fuel system in, and get that done. Everything’s there.

Drew: Right.

Rick: We just got to plug to play, and then, we can actually play around with putting fluids in and everything like that. Maybe fire the engine up just to make sure … it should be okay, and I mean we didn’t do anything major to it, so we should be able to fire it right up. So, we got that. We’re going to hang the doors would be next. The doors are kind of the next milestone. The bed was one. The doors are next, so getting the doors on without screwing anything up, because everything’s painted, and routing the wires, because we got power windows now, and getting that all dialed in, and getting the glass in, is always … usually most people dread that.

Drew: Right.

Rick: The good thing is we already pre-fitted the glass and everything beforehand, so it should just go into place.

Both Drew and Rick: Fingers crossed.

Rick: Right, so we’ll see how that goes.

Drew: All right. Stay tuned.

Legacy of Classic Auto Insurance

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