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Episode 15: Project-COVID 1953 – Heater Assembly

Episode 15 – Driving without heat is no one’s idea of fun during the winter, and with plans to drive around town even when it’s cold, Rick finds a nice aftermarket heater to add to the 1953 Chevy 150. A fun break from scraping off rust and a relatively simple install, Rick gets the heater mounted with no problems. Using angle iron, support brackets are put into place, and the heater is secured nicely in the center, underneath the new das – almost completely out of sight.

               Episode 15 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: All right. Welcome back to project COVID 1953. Our 1953 Chevy 150. Just a quick update. Something I worked on after getting the dash in place. I ended up going with an aftermarket heater set up. I bought it on eBay. Basically, it is a little box that has a heater core in it that you run the lines to, and it has got an electric fan that can blow through it. It’s got three little vents. I’m going to have it right in the center of the dash, underneath the dash. You have a switch that you can turn on and turn the heat on. Eventually, I plan on having air conditioning, but for now, I think this was about a hundred bucks and is a good way to have a heater in my car.

I plan on driving it even when it is cold. So, I definitely needed a heater. I got that in place. What I did to brace it up; I used some angle iron and made brackets underneath. And it’s two-fold. It’s one; to hold the heater in place but also to support the dash. The dash is welded up the side and around the top, but it’s nothing underneath. And going with the new, kugel 90-degree brake set up, I had to eliminate the main support brackets. So, these brackets that I am using for the heater are doubling as support brackets, as well. It turned out really good! Now the heater is dead center, tucked up real nice and tight. You can only see it if you really stooped down to look, which is what I want. I don’t want there to be a big glaring box in the middle. I don’t mind if you see a little bit of it, but it is kind of tucked up and out of the way, and it should work great. So that’s done. Just a quick update. I wanted you to see what I did. To me, it is fun doing this kind of stuff versus rust, rust, and stripping rust. So, as I go, anything I am going to add, I’m going to keep showing it to you. Stay tuned. There will be more!

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