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Episode 14: Project-COVID 1953 – Installing The New Dash

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Episode 14 – Moving on to the dash. Rick removes the old dash while he works on the interior, the roof, the floor pan, and the brake assembly. Using a new dash that was found on eBay, Ricks gets it stripped down and poxy primed. Having created a really good mating surface for the new dash, everything fits perfectly. A little welding and some clean up, and the new dash is in place. Some modifications will be done down the road, but for now the dash is done.

               Episode 14 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to project. COVID 1953. Our 1953 Chevy 150. Got a little bit of an update for you. Another milestone is installing the replacement dash. Remember the car was in a fire. The dash was warped and rusted, so I rough cut it out. It was out of the way while I worked on the interior, on the roof, the floor pan, and on the brake assembly. Removing it just gave me more room. I went back after rough cutting it, threw out all the spot welds, cleaned it up and have an incredibly good mating surface for the new dash. Now, the replacement dash I got, I got on eBay. Found somebody that had a dash that they carefully drilled out spot welds, removed it, and it was in great shape, no rust or minimal if that on the inside and it was fully painted.

So, I basically stripped it all down to bare metal and poxy primed it, cleaned it up and got everything straight. When I get it in place, the mating surface is going to fit really well.  I also put some weld through primer in place where I was going to be welding and got the fitment exactly where I wanted it and came back and just started welding. It’s all done. I welded it in place with very little cleanup. The welds turned out good. I don’t have a lot of grinding to do, just cleanup and a little bit of CMC order and we should be good to go. There will be a few modifications I do to the dash, but with that replacement in there, it looks awesome. It gets me so I can move on to other things and you will see that coming up. So yeah, dash is done, it is in place. Ready to move on to our next step.

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