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Episode 13: Project COVID-1953 – Disassemble & Found Surprises

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Episode 13 – Rick works on disassembling more stuff in order to do some bodywork. The doors and trunk are removed; the fenders were already off. Pulling back what was left of the carpet, Rick finds some additional bodywork that will need to be completed. Also, discovered some old neon lights that had to come off. Removed the back glass, quarter glass, and window crank mechanisms. Everything was bagged and tagged and he’s ready to start doing some de-rusting. In the process, of getting everything disassembled and removed, an old letter from 1990’s talking about the car is found. Check it out on the video! And, stay tuned as Rick is ready to get down to some bare metal work.

Episode 13 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: All right, everybody, a little bit of an update on project COVID 1953. What I did was I had to disassemble more, to get things out of the way to be able to do bodywork and stuff like that. I ended up taking the doors off. Fenders were already off. I took the doors off as an assembly, got the trunk off. Then, I pulled back what was left of any carpet that was in there and the trunk carpet, as well. There was carpet in the trunk and a rubber mat; both. Then the funny thing is when you take things out of a car, and you have it all the way down, you usually tend to find something weird or funny. I did find a very poor piece of bodywork, a welding job on an A-pillar at the very bottom, which I will have to address.

Also, I found that whoever built the car back in the nineties, it looks like their adhesive of choice for the carpet and stuff looked like liquid-nail, which is okay. But it is a pain in the butt to get off. So, I did that. I also found a couple of other things. This car had neon lights under it. So, it had the old neon lights, not LEDs neon. It had a light bar on the left and on the right side, under the rockers, and one back by the rear bumper underneath the car. The one on the right side was damaged. The left one was still good. And so was the rear. I don’t know what I will ever do with them. But they are kind of cool. You light them up, hold them. They kind of look like a lightsaber.

Then the doors were off as an assembly. I got the back glass out without damaging it. So, because I need that back glass because it is a 150 model, and in 1953 it had the smaller rear window that did not wrap around; they are not easy to find. You can find the windshield side, glass and all that, but that back glass, you can find it, but it is not cheap. Then, I took the quarter glass out, as well as the window crank mechanisms and everything out of it. I bagged and tagged those. I have got everything torn apart the way I want it to get ready to start doing some de-rusting and scraping some stuff out of there to get down to the bare metal.

The last thing I want to talk about is what else I found in the car, which is a letter. I don’t know if it is from the owner or whoever, but I found this letter from the nineties talking about the car. I will have to let you read that for yourselves. The letter is pretty entertaining to read. I am going in a different direction than what they had on there. Just read it for yourself. You can comment if you want. I thought it was pretty funny to see, and it is actually pretty cool. With that, I am going to get ready to start getting really dirty on doing some stuff to get down to bare metal so, stay tuned!

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