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Episode 12 – Painting, Installing, Upholstering

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Here’s What’s Next on Project C10

Episode 12 – The Project C10 crew makes progress painting the exterior and interior of the cab, while others are reinstalling all of the accessory drive system parts. The red bench seat not only gets new upholstery, new springs are installed – a cheap fix that more restorers should consider. It’ll make it feel brand new.

Episode 12 – Video Transcript


Drew Yagodnik: We made a lot of progress today, especially in the paint booth. You laid down the color that we’re going to use in the interior of the door or some of the panels. You just got done clearing it. I know, we were talking, the cab is the huge component here for the rest of the install.
Rick Drewry: That’s the tipping point. Once we get the cab done, the next step now that I just painted the interior the gray, the outside’s done, so now I need to unmask it, probably let it sit over the weekend, but unmask it. Monday, wet sand and buff the back of the cab and then the firewall.


Derek: Today we are reinstalling all of the accessory drive system, which is comprised of a bunch of brackets that hold the alternator, the new air conditioning system, the power steering. Rick was able to paint it for us, so it got better of a color scheme going on in the motor. We just installed the water pump with the new stainless steel polished bolts. That’s what we’re working on today.


Rick: This seat is going to feel like a brand one with the new springs in on the sides. That’s a cheap fix. It’s something that more people should consider. I’ve seen so many bench seats that just almost collapsed here on the side, especially on the driver’s side. Getting that fixed, sturdy-ing that up, brand new upholstery for it. Sometimes you don’t get 100% of the wrinkles out, but over time, they go away. You just don’t want major ones. If it’s minor here and there just from where it’s packed in the box-
Drew: Yeah, it’s not that bad. Obviously, you have some dips here, but for the most part-
Rick: That’s where it was folded up in the in the shipping box.
Drew: Yeah, for the most part, it’s in great shape.

Rick: Here’s where we are. We got a couple things to cross off. We’re almost done recovering the seat. The column mounts, I did paint those, so that’s done. I still got to do the wet sanding and buff, but probably by tomorrow, we could be able to knock off recovering the seat and have that ready. Then it goes towards final assembly and then just small amounts of paint.

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