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Driver’s Notes: 1971 Chevrolet Camaro

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There have been many iconic collaborations in motor history, such as Ford working with Carroll Shelby and Chevrolet teaming up with Don Yenko. One collaboration that deserves far more attention is that of Baldwin 1970 Camaro Chevrolet and Motion Performance. The spearhead of the project, Joel “Mr. Motion” Rosen, used Chevrolet street cars to craft powerful supercars. 

Recently, at the Hagerty Concours d’Elegance Detroit, our Classic Auto team was fortunate enough to speak with the owner of a breathtaking Baldwin Motion Phase III 1971 Chevrolet Camaro 454 SS Supercar. This isn’t just some old Camaro — it’s an ultra-rare piece of motor history and is one of the few remaining Baldwin-Motion Camaros. In this blog, you’ll learn all about this head-turning and important vehicle.  

Baldwin-Motion and the Chevrolet 1970 Camaro

As you may already know, the Chevy Camaro hit America’s streets in 1966. Since then, the GM subsidiary has unveiled numerous iconic iterations, such as the 1970 Camaro, the 1979 Camaro, and the 1980 Camaro. 

In the early 1970s, the Baldwin Chevrolet dealership in New York teamed up with Joel Rosen’s company Motion Performance, a vehicle repair and performance shop that resided nearby. Together, Baldwin Chevrolet and Motion Performance crafted powerhouse Corvettes and Camaros, the most rare and valuable being those within Phase III. 

The key elements that distinguished the Baldwin-Motion Camaros from other Chevys were speed and performance. These vehicles boasted enhanced suspension systems, modified Holley carburetors, and high-performance camshafts.

Rosen was so confident in his Phase III Supercars that he guaranteed that they could reach at least 120 mph in 11.5 seconds. Otherwise, Rosen would buy back these enhanced Camaros. Shockingly, Rosen never had to buy one back, proving how powerful and impressive these vehicles were. 

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Mark Hasset’s Baldwin-Motion Phase III 1971 Camaro

Mark Hasset is a seasoned car collector with a great deal of experience with Yenko Super Camaros, including the exceptionally rare Yenko Nova. Years ago, a broker contacted Hasset in an attempt to buy his Nova. Rather than selling the car, Hasset stated that he would only part ways with his vehicle if the broker could find him the Baldwin-Motion Phase III 1971 Chevrolet Camaro. The broker obliged, and Hasset happily traded his Nova for the 1971 Chevrolet Camaro supercar, making him the vehicle’s thirteenth owner. 

This Baldwin-Motion Chevrolet features not one but three certificates of authenticity. The vehicle’s base was a 1971 Camaro Z/28, and the car still features many of the original Camaro’s components and styling choices. 

One notable departure from the original Z/28 is its coloring. While the factory car featured a red finish with black stripes, “Mr. Motion” Rosen’s team changed it to red with white stripes. They also added a distinct, Stinger-type paint scheme on the side of the vehicle. This paint scheme inspired the coloring on the Ford Torino that was featured in the hit show Starsky & Hutch

Hasset’s jaw-dropping Camaro example still features its original Baldwin-Motion livery. It also boasts the car’s original interior.

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Baldwin Motion Phase III 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Drivetrain

This Phase III Chevy Camaro features the original Motion Performance numbers-matching engine. The LS7 454 engine was a dramatic upgrade from the standard 1971 Camaro Z/28, which came with a stock 396. That said, the car’s drivetrain still utilizes some of the mechanical components of the original Z/28. 

While this car is notably authentic, it did undergo work on its engine compartment. Fortunately, those working on the car utilized the original Motion Performance catalog to ensure its specifications aligned with the company’s original vision. It even features Motion Performance’s recommended Thrush Mufflers under the car, which are hooked to its headers, giving an incredibly unique sound component. 

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