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America’s Other Most-Searched Muscle Car – Dodge Charger

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America’s two most-searched classic autos are ultra-fast muscle cars from legendary American auto makers: the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Charger. Recent data from shows the Mustang and the Charger are in a dead heat, tied for the top spot and split geographically. West Coasters prefer the Mustang while people in the Midwest and South tend to go for the Charger (in Indiana, though, the number one spot is held by the Chevy Camaro). Car experts weigh in on the results, attributing the top cars’ widespread fandom to qualities people value as Americans: freedom, pride, power, beauty and passion. The Charger’s two most recent mottos really say it all: “Domestic. Not domesticated.” and “Unleash the Beast.”

The Charger Makes Your Heart Pump

Chargers are a treasured part of American automotive history. When the first model is introduced in 1966, Chargers go from Sunday driver to blending scrappy racer style with sleek street sophistication to modern police cruiser. Chargers play starring roles in movies like Christine, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and The Fast and The Furious … plus, it is a Charger that faces off with a Mustang (once again) in the Steve McQueen classic, Bullitt. Today’s Chargers are large, powerful vehicles sporting excellent quality inside and out. Many car enthusiasts are relieved when Dodge moves away from investing in smaller cars and introduces a new generation of Chargers with oversize street presence. Fans of retro-style Chargers watch closely when a black 1969 Bullitt replica, owned by both Bruce Willis and Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay, recently goes up for public auction for the first time in history.

Charger pursuit the fastest police car produced

In Pursuit of the Perfect Police Car

In 2006, Dodge introduces a specialty version of the Charger called the Charger Pursuit, selling exclusively to police departments. It’s the fastest police car ever produced, easily out-powering the previous police favorite, the Crown Victoria. The Charger Pursuit takes the best qualities of the street models – a powerful engine, ample interior and aerodynamic styling – and adds all the bells and whistles of a cop car. Aptly named, the Pursuit can outrun most vehicles in highway driving. An all-black, low-profile version of the Pursuit is hard to spot in traffic, giving it an undercover edge.

The Hellcat: A Car for Charger Superfans

Dodge introduces the Charger SRT Hellcat in response to superfans’ desire for something even more outrageous than any Charger ever produced. The Hellcat’s designers describe it as a “beast of a car” that combines extreme power with ultimate comfort. It’s not a racing car. It’s really a street car for racers at heart, with a 707 horsepower engine that can hit 204 miles per hour. Still, this powerful prowler has a soft heart, too, with an eco-friendly driving mode plus a valet mode that limits output. For Charger collectors, the Hellcat is a fierce addition to any collection.

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