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Creating a Restoration Project Checklist

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Heads up, classic collector-restorers – what’s the advantage of making a master checklist for your next restoration project? You know how fast it gets confusing when doing major restoration work to a vehicle. There are dozens – even hundreds – of tasks to complete. You have parts to source. The engine has complex mechanical parts that must be disassembled and reassembled. You don’t want to lose a single, tiny piece that could cause your restoration to be incomplete. That’s why you need to create a restoration project checklist. “A list -in my opinion- is a good way to keep things going versus jumping all over the place,” Project C10’s Rick Drewry says. “It kind of keeps your mind focused on where you need to be, and keeps you going in order, and things seem to get done quicker and faster when you do that.”

Project C10 Tech Tip – Creating a Checklist

Try to make your checklist as complete as possible. It’s important to be specific. Don’t just write “paint the body.” Include the individual steps you’ll need to take, like color matching the existing paint, sourcing the paint from the manufacturer, sanding and priming – whatever needs done. As you make progress during the restoration, check off those list items and add anything new that crops up. If you have a team of people working on the restoration, note who is working on or has already completed certain tasks and who is scheduled to do which tasks when. This prevents double work and keeps communication flowing among the group. You can see our project checklist in action during many of our Project C10 episodes like Episode 10: It’s All Coming Together.

Ask a Classic Truck Restoration Mentor

The experts at Project C10 welcome questions about restoration. Restoring a classic car can be extremely demanding, especially when it comes to engine work and body work. Restoration projects almost always include at least some engine rebuild or body repair, which can account for hundreds of individual tasks. Before starting your next restoration, create a project checklist that’s as complete as possible, then watch our progress on Project C10 for helpful advice. You might be surprised at how many things are missing from your list.

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