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Corvette’s Valet Mode Update

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2015 Corvette Valet Mode May Be Illegal In Certain States

We shared a blog a few weeks ago about the 2015 Corvette’s updated Valet Mode, but the new feature’s popularity may be taking a hit. Turns out, in many states, recording someone without their knowledge is highly illegal, so turning on the valet mode without the knowledge of potential occupants of the car violates their rights and puts the Corvette’s owner at risk.

GM has said they are working on an update for the system that will offer alerts and avoid any secret recordings, but they are advising Corvette owners to avoid using the Valet Mode until the update for the system is released next month.

Valet Mode not only records conversations that take place inside the cab of the Corvette, it disables the entertainment system, and locks storage compartments as a theft deterrent. While the Valet Mode certainly offers some beneficial features, we think it is wise to avoid using the system at all. GM states in the official release of the statement about the update that if you choose to use the system, you should advise all potential occupants of the recordings, and obtain their consent for such.

Watch this video from Chevrolet about the Valet Mode system:

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