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Thank You, Columbus

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We know that there are a lot more people to thank for the founding and shaping of our country, but let’s face it: without Christopher Columbus, we would not be where we are today!

Thanks to his devotion to exploration and his diligent spirit, he found The Americas, and for that we say “thanks”!

We know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but like some of the other holidays we celebrate here in the states, Columbus Day is another reminder for us to be thankful for where we are, what we have, and the freedoms we enjoy. Because of Columbus and all those who came after him and worked so hard to make the United States of America the great country it is today, we get to do things here that are unheard of in other countries.

For example, we are thankful that we have the freedom and the resources to enjoy hobbies like collecting classic cars!                                        

Columbus Day also makes us think about all of the “explorers” that made our fascination with classic cars possible. People like Henry Ford, Louis Chevrolet, John Francis and Horace Elgin Dodge, and Henry Leland made it possible for us to enjoy the cars that we love so much! Thanks to their pioneering spirits and their love of discovery and exploration of new technologies, we are still enjoying their legacy even today.

Want to show your appreciation for all the hard work that has gone before us? Protect your classic cars with antique auto insurance so you can preserve this legacy even further!

About the Author

is Vice President of Classic Automobile Insurance Agency, Inc. Classic Automobile Insurance Agency has been protecting collector, classic and exotics since 1992.

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