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Collectable Hot Rod Stamps

Hot Rod Forever Collector Stamps Feature 1932 Ford Deuce Roadster

Photo Courtesy of USPS

Are you a hot rod enthusiast? If so, we don’t want you to miss out on this chance to get one-of-a-kind collector stamps that celebrate the tradition of the Hot Rod. The Hot Rod Forever stamps were released back in June of this year, but they are still available from the USPS while supplies last.

There is also a host of other hot rod memorabilia available from the USPS, including postcards, framed artwork, programs, and more.

From the USPS website, the description of the stamps states:

With these two stamps, the U.S. Postal Service® celebrates hot rods. The cars depicted are 1932 Ford® “Deuce” roadsters. Hot Rods, the fast, powerful vehicles that thrill-seeking enthusiasts have been modifying for nearly a century, are celebrated on these two eye-popping stamps. Each features an iconic 1932 Ford® “Deuce” roadster.

If you haven’t collected your hot rod stamps yet, make your purchase while supplies last. If you are a hot rod enthusiast and you haven’t reviewed your insurance policy in a while, give Classic Auto a call at 888-901-1338 for a free instant classic car insurance quote, or a review of an existing policy!

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