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Classic Spotlight: 1940 Ford DeLuxe

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The 1940 Ford DeLuxe, also known as the De Luxe Ford, is a powerhouse classic vehicle that’s widely coveted by vehicle enthusiasts. Although many Ford enthusiasts are drawn to the 1932 Ford Roadster, the 1940 Ford DeLuxe offers exceptional power and style that’s perfect for any robust car collection.

The Ford DeLuxe played a vital role in the history of American vehicles and was also featured in numerous films, including Grease, Back to the Future, and The Karate Kid. Even 80 years since its production, this vehicle remains an important testament to American manufacturing, and that’s why we’re spotlighting this breathtaking piece of history.

1940 Ford DeLuxe Specifications

The Ford DeLuxe offers car lovers a distinct style that epitomizes the vehicle style of the 1940s. Designed by Ford’s design chief E.T. Gregorie, this vehicle came equipped with a coveted V8 engine. The 1940 iteration of the vehicle closely aligned with the previous versions of the Ford DeLuxe, including a similar chassis and a 112-inch wheelbase.

This vehicle also came with a stabilizer bar on the front suspension that was used to reduce the amount of body roll when the vehicle turned. The 1940 version of the Ford DeLuxe also improved the hydraulic brakes.

In addition to the specification improvements made to the DeLuxe, Ford also increased the amount of cabin space, which made it even more comfortable for passengers. The vehicle came equipped with a modern-looking instrument panel that included a horizontal speedometer and gauges. The speedometer and gauges were innovative for their time because most vehicles came with round dials.

The 1940 Ford DeLuxe had six different styles, giving customers choices based on personal needs and finances. The styles included the Coupe, the Business Coupe, the Tudor, the Convertible, the 4-door sedan, and the DeLuxe Station Wagon. The most expensive DeLuxe body style was the Station Wagon, which sold for $950. When considering inflation, the amount would be $18,500 by today’s standards. The 1940 DeLuxe Station Wagon is now worth well over $100,000.

The History of the Ford DeLuxe

The original version of the De Luxe Ford was produced in 1938. It was used to offer customers a bridge between their standard Ford models and their luxury Lincolns. During the period in which they produced the DeLuxe, Ford featured five different lines of vehicles. These included the Ford, DeLuxe Ford, Mercury, Lincoln-Zephyr, and Lincoln.

Although the Ford DeLuxe is a cherished vehicle, Ford only produced it from the years 1937 to 1940, making the 1940 Ford DeLuxe all the more iconic and appreciated. Ford discontinued production of the DeLuxe because of the success of Mercury Eights. Mercury Eights were full-size automobiles produced by Ford’s Mercury division from 1939 to 1951.

The De Luxe Ford had an exceptionally short lifespan, but they’re still widely appreciated to this day, especially the 1940 Ford DeLuxe. Ford enthusiasts can now find the 1940 Ford DeLuxe at auction sites and classic car dealerships.

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The 1940 Ford DeLuxe is a powerhouse classic vehicle perfect for car enthusiasts. Whether you’re showing off your classic Ford DeLuxe at car shows or you’re driving something less historic, you need the right insurance to protect your car. At Classic Auto Insurance, we work with our clients to determine the worth of their vehicles and find the best plan to suit both your and your vehicle’s needs.

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