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The Classic Dart- It’s All in The Name

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Dodge Dart
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The 2013 model of the new Dart – a compact sedan that has yet to hit car showrooms, has an illustrious history behind its nameplate. To the older generation of muscle car users, the older versions of the Dart were good value oriented cars, ranking in top performance and fuel efficiency. While for the younger generation of car lovers, the name echoes aerodynamics and precision.

And clearing the dust covering the name, you can trace the history of the new Dart to a very popular and highly successful 1956 show car. The Chrysler Dart was designed by Virgil Exner, the chief Designer for Dodge, and was constructed by the Italian Coach builder, Ghia. The 22 foot, shiny automobile, fitted with tail fins, was a classic beauty that lived for just one year. The Dodge Company later used the Dart name for a series of cars produced between 1960-1961, which included the Seneca, the Pioneer and the Phoenix. But the most popular use of the name was the compact model car that was manufactured between the years 1963-1976.  The affordable and durable automobile, built on the strong chassis of the Plymouth Valiant, hiked the Dart car sales to 3.7 million units in 13 years.

The standard structure of the new Dart to hit the market is relatively the same as the famous Alfa Giulietta – the 2011 runner up for the European Car of the Year. The chassis, the suspension, the electric power steering and other parts are from the Fiat group. The Dodge team has included the precision components of the Alfa like the steering, and improved on the comforts, utility and style quotient – what most American prefers in a muscle car. The powerful Multi Air, with the 160 horsepower and 184 lbs per sq. ft. of torque, make driving on both the highway and the city streets a smooth experience. Fitted with some of the most classic features like heated leather seats, heated steering wheel, multimedia navigation system and other artistic innovations, the car is all set to shake the American Automobile market.

If you’ve ever wondered what your classic model Dodge Dart might be worth, the first places to look to ascertain its value are the price guides available at local bookstores. “The Ultimate Collector Car Price Guide 1900-1990”, from the editors of the Cars and Parts Magazine, and the “Standard Guide to Cars & Prices: Prices for Collector Vehicles 1901-1990”, by James T Lenzke/Ken Buttolph, are resourceful guides to help you in your research.

Online sites like The Gold Book, Collector Car and Truck,  Popular Mechanics Muscle Car Price Guide, Barrett Jackson Price Guide and the NADA Guides  will also help you to ascertain the value of your classic muscle cars.

There are many specialists who offer extensive research services to help determine the value and history of your classic car. They can in fact find and locate the original built sheets, window stickers, production numbers and other related facts that will help to increase the value of a muscle car.
Insuring your classic muscle car is as important as understanding its absolute value. Classic Auto provides tailored collector car insurance policies to protect your investment in the Classic Dodge Dart. For more information, fill out a free instant quote form today to find out how we can help you!


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is Vice President of Classic Automobile Insurance Agency, Inc. Classic Automobile Insurance Agency has been protecting collector, classic and exotics since 1992.

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