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Chevy’s Inception & Most Notable Cars

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Happy Birthday To Chevy! Louis Chevrolet Founds Chevy On November 3

It’s been over a century since the Chevrolet brand came into existence. In fact, on November 3, 1911, racer Louis Chevrolet and the GM founder Billy Durant the brand was conceived, and it has been running strong ever since then. Just two years after the inception of this great brand, Chevy released the 1914 Chevrolet Royal Mail Roadster. A 171-cid 4-cylinder engine with overhead valves, this car had an original list price of $750.

Chevy is well-known for their over-sized, family-hauling suburbans, but did you know the first Chevy Suburban was released in 1935? The first Suburban was known as the “Carryall” and was offered as the alternative to station wagons of that era. The first models could carry as many as eight passengers, plus luggage, and were marketed as adventurous vehicles.

Another of Chevy’s most notable vehicles, the Chevy Pick Up had the release of a new Advance Design truck in 1948. One of the most notable models of the Chevy truck, this cab was roomier, and was the first that could seat across. This truck was also a half-ton model, which better met the needs of farmers and tradesmen of the day. The diversity of Chevy vehicles is what drew the most attention to their brand in the early years, and gave families the options they needed to choose either a first or second vehicle to meet their needs.

Over the years we’ve best known Chevy for names like the Corvette, the Camaro, the El Camino, the Bel Air, the Impala, the Chevelle, and most recently, the Volt. The new Volt models are an historical marker for Chevrolet, offering affordable hybrid and electric cars to the general public. The Volt was previously named Motor Trend Car of the Year in 2011, and has received many other notable awards in addition to that. The Volt is helping to reduce emissions, and provide more efficiency and affordability to those who couldn’t previously afford hybrid or electric technology.

Any of our customers out there Chevy loyalists? We’d love to see your classic Chevy’s this week in honor of the birthday of this fantastic American brand! Show us your cars and share your stories! If you would like to check on any of your existing muscle car insurance policies, or get a quote for a purchase you are interested in, give our customer service representatives a call today at 888-901-1338!

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