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Chevy Camaro – 50 Years of Awesome [Infographic]

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The 50th Anniversary of the Chevy Camaro

In 1967, two years after the release of the Ford Mustang, Chevy scrambles to get their pony car, the Camaro, into production. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of this all-American muscle car by reminiscing about key moments in the Camaro’s history. What generation of Camaro is your favorite? Let us know what model you’d love to add to your collection in the comments below.

Is it a Nova? No, It’s a Chevy Camaro

When is a Chevy Nova not a Chevy Nova? When it is used as the foundation for the first-generation Camaro. Yes, folks, the first Camaro has a 1968 Nova II chassis underneath but that is where the comparisons stop. Drop in a big block V8 with 375 hp and you have the 1967 Camaro. With 220,906 cars sold in the first year of production, the pony war is definitely on.

1969 Model Stands Out as One of the Best

In 1969, Chevy redesigns the Camaro inside and out. Many consider this model to be Camaro’s best. With a longer body and lower stance, it grips tightly into curves, earning it the nickname The Hugger.

The Official Pace Car of the Indy 500 in 1967 & 1969

When a hugger orange and white Camaro convertible is selected as the Pace Car for the 1969 Indy 500, the car earns a unique track record. It becomes the first car to serve as an Indy 500 pace car two times in the first three years of production. We got the chance to speak with the owner of one of these highly sought-after collector cars. Check out our video interview and see if you agree that this Camaro is a pretty sweet ride.

1969 camaro pace one of the special models in a 50 year run

1969 – The Year of the COPO

In 1969, Chevy allows select dealers to request a limited number Central Office Production Order Camaros or COPOs. There are two in the series – # 9560 and #9561. COPO #9560 has an all-aluminum 425 hp ZL-1 427 engine and is considered the fastest, most valuable Camaro made. There are only 69 known to exist. COPO # 9561 has an all-iron big block engine that generates 425 hp. The car maker delivers all 1,015 of these legendary muscle cars to Yenko Chevrolet in Pennsylvania. They are the holy grail of the muscle car collecting world.

The Camaro Z28 is Born

With the second-generation Camaro Z28, Chevy introduces European styling. Comparable in looks to the Ferrari Lusso 250 GT, this model’s power stems from the 350 hp Corvette LT-1 engine under the hood. Camaro sales are hot! Chevy reaches an all-time high in 1979 with 282,571 cars sold.

The Camaro IROC-Z Becomes an 80s Icon

If the 80s make you think of disco, spandex and anemic car engines, you are forgetting the iconic 1985 Camaro IROC-Z. Inspired by the race cars of the International Race of Champions (IROC-Z) Racing Series, the 215 hp engine is what makes it a rock star. It puts the 4-cylinder 90 hp Iron Duke power plant in the 1982 Camaro to shame.

35 Years of Production Come to an End

Sadly, Federal regulations suck the muscle out of this muscle car and Camaro sales never rebound. In 2002, Chevy decides to bring 35 years of continuous Camaro production to an end. Shocked fans begin lobbying for the return of their beloved car.

The Camaro is Reborn in 2010

Chevy relents, and the Camaro’s 2007 comeback heads for the big screen, rather than the showrooms. The blockbuster film, Transformers, introduces the world to a new, more powerful Camaro. Three years later, after an eight-year “sabbatical”, the fifth-generation Camaro returns to production. Named World Car Design of the Year, Chevy sales skyrocket. Models like the 2010 SS, featuring a 6.2L 426 hp V8 engine, prove the new Camaro is the rebirth of a classic.

Camaro Celebrates With a 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Today the Camaro line continues to thrive. In honor of its 50th anniversary, Chevy released a limited edition 2017 Camaro with a 455 hp V8 engine and a top speed of 165 mph. With speed like that, no one is worried about how to blow out all those candles.

2017 Chevrolet camaro celebrates 50 years with a special edition


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