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Car of the Month – Brought to you by Elite Autos

2001 BMW Z8 Roadster 

It is not a very widely known fact that the BMW company started out as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. After financial problems, mergers and the loss of a founding member, BMW began the manufacturing of their first engine, the Type Illa, in 1917. The engine was a powerful six-cylinder inline, water-cooled engine that featured a high altitude carburetor.

Once the armistice was signed in 1919, the Allies placed a ban on German aircraft engine production, putting the BMW company in a serious financial bind. The company attempted to make ends meet by designing brake systems for the railroad, as well as manufacturing office furniture and work benches.

By 1920, BMW got into the business of designing and manufacturing engines for motorcycles. By 1928, with the acquisition of a nearby car factory, the long line of motor vehicle excellence began.

From this point forward, an illustrious history of racing and power began under the BMW name. One example of the rich history of BMW is that is was, in fact, a BMW engine that powered the McLaren F1 GTR, which won the Le Man 24 hour race in 1995. The engine was a 6.1 Liter V12 that was intended for the M8, but never made it into production.

Want to own a piece of BMW history? Elite Autos currently has a 2001 Z8 Roadster in stock for only $139,980! With a black exterior and a red interior, this BMW model only has 9300 miles on its engine, and it sports a 6 speed manual transmission to control the powerful 5.0 Liter engine under its hood.

If you’re interested in seeing this car, you can visit the showroom at Elite Autos or you can give their offices a call at 1-870-931-8004. Are you already the owner of a similar luxury car? Give Classic Auto Insurance a call and find out about our discounted rates and customized luxury car insurance plans!


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