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[Video] World of Wheels 2020: Camaro Pro Street Named The Hitman

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YouTube video

We attended the 2020 World of Wheels at the Indiana State Fairgrounds to interview some of the car owners and builders.  Right in the front row when you walk into the show we met car owner and builder John. John is the proud owner of a Camaro Pro Street Rod.  This beast has some major horse power and a great name, The Hitman.  

Watch our interview with John as he tells us a little about his beautiful purple car and the history behind it.

Interview Transcription:

Drew: Hi, this is Drew with Classic Auto Insurance and we’re here at the Indianapolis World of Wheels, 2020, and I’m here with John who’s got a phenomenal, I call it a pro-street, but this Camaro. The color on it is fantastic. And you’re going to see in some of the B-roll, the ghost stripe down the door line. It’s just amazing. But tell me a little bit about how you got the car, how long it took, and really what’s your favorite piece?

John: Well, actually my favorite piece would be the whole car. But the color, I love the color. The color just worked phenomenal on the car. It seemed to really make the car pop. I’ve had the car about three years now. I got it as a roller and once we brought it home, car came from New York actually, as a roller. And then once we brought it home, we went ahead and created the monster you’re looking at.

Drew: Tell me a little bit about the motor. I mean, it’s cranking some serious horsepower back there.

John: It’s a 498 big-block. It’s got AFR heads on it. It’s got 1100 dominator in it. Puts about 750 horsepower on the motor. And then I got a fogger system putting out 300 to 500 horse on top of that. So it’s a fun car. It’s nice to drive. It’s a street car. I drive it all the time on the street. Cruise nights. Got a 488 rear end in it, got a turbo 400 trans in it with a reverse pattern. I can run about 60 miles an hour, about 2800 revs. So it’s not too bad. It gets me around and I do enjoy it because I don’t want to stay in that circle. I want to get outside the circle and enjoy my car. What I do it.

camaro pro street

Drew: Real quick, before we go though, we noticed something on the plate and a lot of display about the Hitman. Tell us how you got that nickname.

John: Oh, it’s just a name I’ve had when I was younger. I used to have a 6B9 pro-street Corvette.

Drew: Okay.

John: It had big fat tires on it and stuff like that. And that car was called the Hitman. You know what I mean? So it kind of just carried over to me.

Drew: Yeah.

John: I’m from Chicago and it kind of fits. It’s fun.

Drew: Hey man, I really appreciate your time. Phenomenal build and appreciate your passion for continuing cars like this.

John: Hey, thank you for stopping by and loving it like I do, man.

Drew: And those guys are an important piece to what happens here. So again, appreciate your time. Thanks John. Nice to meet you.

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