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Artomobilia Presents: The Passion Behind the Owners Part 3 [Video]

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2015 Carmel Artomobilia August 28-29

One man, one car, and 53 years of good memories. The 2015 Carmel Artomobilia is quickly approaching on August 28-29 in the heart of the Arts & Design District of Carmel, Indiana. Artomobilia’s Jon Pitz pays a visit to fellow Indianapolis collector John for a little car talk in anticipation of the popular event.

A Family Car with Style

For John, his Jaguar XK150 is part of the family. It is only two years old when he buys it in California, and spends the next 53 years as the family car. John and his wife, Billie, buy it because it is the only Jaguar that comes with two jump seats in the back for their kids. Now, that is a family car with style.


Not an Easy Car to Drive

The Jag starts out as Billie’s car. She drives it around town to do the shopping or to the doctor’s office. Although it is a head turner, John points out, “It’s not an easy car to drive. It doesn’t have power steering”. As Billie (and many other women) will point out, being stylish is never easy. It’s hard work.

He Touched Every Nut and Bolt

Like most car enthusiasts, John spends a lot of time working on his Jaguar. Every nut, bolt, wire and plug has felt his touch as he lovingly keeps it running over the years. That is why this car is part of his family. You can’t put that much love into something and not grow attached.

Just Roll the Windows Down and Go

Some of John’s fondest memories of driving his Jaguar are when they lived in Florida. Driving a car with no A/C in the blistering tropical heat is no picnic. Add a black interior and that spells misery. The only way to cool things off is to roll the windows down and drive 60 mph. Heat or no heat, driving an XK150 was the fun part of John’s daily commute.

One Lone Hubcap, One Miraculous Tale

John’s garage also contains a lone hubcap from his first car, a 1940 LaSalle. In what he describes as “careless driving by a young man down a rocky Colorado road”, the young John rolls the car, crushing the body. Miraculously, all five people in the car survive the harrowing event and were unharmed. As a testament to the solid construction of cars of that time, the LaSalle is able to drive despite its crumbled body.

Over 15,000 Expected to Attend 2015 Carmel Artomobilia

The 2015 Carmel Artomobilia is a collaborative effort of the City of Carmel, Indiana, the Carmel Arts and Design District, and a group of classic car collectors that draws attention to automotive art and design while showcasing the beauty of Carmel. Popular with car enthusiasts nationwide, this year’s Artomobilia is expected to draw nearly 400+ participating collector cars and 15,000 attendees.

Proud Sponsor of Carmel Artomobilia

Classic Auto Insurance is proud to support the 2015 Carmel Artomobilia. Stop by our booth and say hello. Come meet us and see what Classic Auto Insurance has to offer. Car collectors everywhere agree that great customer service and customizable insurance coverage is a winning combination. Let our friendly staff help you find the right policy for your needs. Visit our website at and see how we can help safeguard your dream car collection.

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