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[Video] Custom 1967 Firebird with a One-of-a-Kind Glow

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As a gorgeous 1967 Pontiac Firebird is cruising across the parking lot at Carmel Artomobilia 2018, we have to stop the driver and ask for a quick interview. What is this amazing creature, and how does it come to exist? Damon Sturrock from Snake Pit Customs explains the magnificent bird is a custom build from their shop. The car is created from end to end to suit the individual desires of its owner. It didn’t roll off the original factory line looking this way – not even close. The Snake Pit team created virtually everything on the car with their expertise in “above and beyond” custom auto work.

Custom Car, One-of-a-Kind Color

The Firebird’s color is definitely nothing found in nature. It’s a custom color blend that isn’t available on the original ‘67 Firebird and isn’t really available anywhere else today. It is designed specifically for the car’s owner. Called Cabot Orange, it glows in a hue beyond orange or yellow – almost a Penske truck color, plus the glittering shine of fresh auto body paint. Every bit of the body kit is hand-engineered by Snake Pit Customs out of 18-gauge metal, including the skirting and fender flares that create its distinctive body details. When this car comes to a stop in any parking lot like the one at Artomobilia, a crowd quickly forms around it to catch a ray of that Cabot Orange glow.

What Makes This Firebird Shine

Of course, you have to pop the hood to see the shining star of this Firebird: the engine. It’s an LSA block with a K-bell supercharger, 3.6 liter, 900 horsepower and 850 foot-pounds of torque. All of the internals are from Lingenfelter. With Snake Pit Customs’ expert body and engine work, the entire car is built from transmission to trunk pan. It’s a full-chassis car now. This Firebird really proves the point that the vehicles on display at Artomobilia aren’t just about pretty body work. They’re about what’s under the hood and what it means to rebuild a car with expert craftsmanship.

Sometimes the Custom Way is the Best Way

This stunning ‘67 Firebird is custom restored by Snake Pit Customs, an Indianapolis-based shop owned by Damon Sturrock, who has been working on cars since he was a teenager. He spent 15 years as crew chief and lead mechanic for INDYCAR. For this Firebird, like all their cars, Damon’s team follows their credo, “the best way is the only acceptable way to get the job done” – meaning that every part is carefully sourced or crafted by hand. All metal for this vehicle is fabricated on-site at the Snake Pit Customs shop with careful input from the owner. The result is a masterpiece of custom Firebird beauty.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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