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Classic Bikes: A Car or Bike Collector’s “Must Have” List

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The rise in prices of classic cars has probably been received by vintage vehicle collectors with a mixed response. If you find yourself unable to afford a vintage car at this point, a good option is to shift gears and zero-in on vintage bikes. Classic bike market rates are more subdued than that of vintage cars. At the price of a single classic car it is possible to own at least 3 classic motorcycles. They even make the garage space seem more economical. The most resourceful groundwork before venturing into classic bike collection is to take guidelines from reputed bike collectors.

Currently classic bike sales have increased from only 400 to 500 per year, to a jaw dropping 2000 every year. David Edwards, the editor of the popular magazine Cycle World, has worked his collection of classic bikes up to a staggering 30. He concludes that the Indian Chief is one of his strongest assets. With a 42 degree V twin layout, the Indian Chief was popular in the motorcycle market during the years 1922-1953. Though it was initially manufactured with a 1000cc engine, the capacity was later increased to 1300 cc. Several additions like front brakes and the popular fenders, still make it a popular bid among bike collectors.

The Harley Davidson WLA is another show stealer for bike enthusiasts. In the year 1940, shortly before the start of World War II, Harley Davidson WLA was produced for the aid of the US army. With modified fenders to prevent mud clogging and several additions like leg guards, wind shields and blackout lights, the bike out-shined its civilian counterpart, the WL model. It had custom made racks to support war related accessories ranging from machine guns to radio equipment.

However what stole the limelight, and caught the attention of bike collectors everywhere, was the Ner-a-car. It is undoubtedly the strangest looking motorcycle. Till date, motorcycle experts have tried to replicate its mechanisms with little success. The asset was designed by Carl Neracher during the years of World War I. Of the 16,000 that hit the markets in the year 1928, only a 100 still remain. The asset is a genius piece of work that functions on a variable friction drive mechanism. The chassis of the vintage bike resembles a car more than a bicycle. For any classic car or bike lover, Ner-a-car is definitely a “must-have”.

An essential requirement for all the above assets, is vintage bike insurance. Classic Auto provides the owner with tailor-made insurance policies, suiting the owner’s preferences and requirements. Contact us today for an instant classic motorcycle insurance quote!


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