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[Video] Two 1969 Camaros Each with Unique History and Heritage

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What are the chances of finding two 1969 Chevy Camaros sitting right next to each other at the 2019 World of Wheels – one customized for racing and one all-original – each with its own unique history and heritage, ready to reveal their stories to Classic Auto fans? Well, when Classic Auto’s Drew Yagodnik catches up with The Car Vault’s Steve Moore, lots of great restoration “waddya-know’s” are totally predictable.

1969 Camaro Racer

Owned by Classic Auto Insurance client Scott Rogers, the blue Camaro sports the number 78 and is originally purchased in the early 70’s for road racing. But with the demands that come with life and raising a family, the car sits in storage for 30 years before Scott contacts Steve. “He brought it into my restoration shop and commissioned me to do a rebuild on this car,” Steve tells us, “and 30-plus years after the purchase, he now gets to enjoy road racing.” Restoring the car after being cooped up for that long in storage presents a few challenges for Steve and his team. It isn’t in really bad condition, although with quite a bit of rust on the floor, “We did have to strip it right back down to bare metal,” Steve says.

Resurgence of SVRA

With the rebuild complete, Scott tests the car on the track only once before the end of the racing season in 2018. Steve says, “This year, I think he plans on doing three to four races with it.” Scott plans to participate in Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, since he lives in the city. SVRA puts on race weekends at legendary tracks all over the country that are open to any type of vintage or historic race car. As one of the largest and oldest vintage racing organizations in America, SVRA is having somewhat of a resurgence of late – the first Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway drew over 700 entries, the largest vintage race in the United States. For many vintage racing fans, it’s just phenomenal to see racers like Scott’s ’69 Camaro #78 out on the track.

All-Original 1969 Camaro with One Owner

Owner Jim Clawson buys this Camaro new in 1969 for his wife and she uses it to drive the kids to and from school. Eventually, the family buys another day driver, and Jim puts the Camaro in his garage. There it sits for about 10 years before he decides to have refurbished. “The car was repainted,” Steve says, “but other than that – this car is truly a one-owner, low-mileage, original 1969 Camaro.” It’s just phenomenal for the same person to own a car for 50 years and drive it as an integral “member” of the family almost all of that time. After Jim takes it out of storage, he shows his Camaro at car shows, generating little interest. “But now,” Steve says, “because people appreciate an unrestored, all-original Camaro, this car is a highlight at most car shows. You just cannot find them anymore.”

Luxury Car Storage, Service and Restorations

With over 40 years of experience in the auto industry, the folks at The Car Vault run a one-stop shop for owners of vintage classics, luxury exotics and brand new cars, too – taking on projects from simple services or upgrades to complex restorations. “We also have a storage facility, so we look after a lot of cars where people don’t have room at home,” Steve says. Jim stores his ’69 Camaro there and also has the car serviced. Steve says, “Other than that, the interior, everything on this car is original to the car.” Long live the originals.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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