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[Video] A 1970 Ford Bronco That Poses for Wedding Pics

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A gorgeous 1970 Ford Bronco owned by a guy named Thor stands out in the crowd at the 2019 Indy World of Wheels, and Classic Auto’s Drew Yagodnik stops by to get his story on the gleaming white beauty. He does all the work on it himself, with some help from friends on the paint and body. “It’s in a constant state of evolution,” Thor says. “It’ll never be completed.” Over the years, he’s put three different motors in it, two different interiors and a variety of parts and trim that make it unique. Thor explains his passion this way: “There’s always something more to do to it. I just have a vision in my head of what it’s gonna look like when it’s done and until I complete that vision, I’m gonna keep working on it.” We can relate.

Part of the Wedding Party

Thor’s son loves the Bronco so much, he wants it to be part of his wedding – and his fiancée is right on board with that idea. Several years ago, the couple asks Thor to drive them away at the end of the ceremony so they could wave to their guests from the back of the Bronco. They also want to photograph the Bronco as part of the wedding party (it is quite photogenic, after all). Well, things do not go according to plan for Thor and his Wedding Belle. “I had a new motor built for it probably nine months previous to that, and less than a month before the wedding, the motor died and it was gone.” Thor buys a blueprint engine online and has it shipped immediately to install. A week after that, his Bronco is equipped with a new 408 500-horsepower motor. “Three weeks later I was hauling them away from the wedding at the end of the ceremony,” he recalls, with the newlyweds waving from the back of this super-hot collectible vehicle to boot.

Why Broncos are a Good Investment

The market for collectible Broncos is exploding. These bulky beasts have a classic body shape and iconic mystique that captures the hearts of enthusiasts around the world. During the winter each year, interest in classic Broncos spikes even higher. “The 1966–77 Ford Bronco is the hottest vehicle in the land,” Hagerty reports this winter, calling it one of the best auto investments in the world. The Bronco’s value has risen 200% in the past decade, due to a combination of interest from aging Baby Boomers and a fresh generation of Bronco-buying Millennials.

Valuable Part of the Family

Thor sure understands the value of his Bronco. For him, it’s worth far more than money. His Bronco is part of his family. It’s featured in many family photos, including those from his son’s wedding where the bride and groom pose in the bed of the truck. Everybody in the family enjoys riding in it and seeing what Thor has done to it lately. He’s put a lot of money into the Bronco over the years, but he’s proud of the value it holds. “I convinced my wife that I’m not throwing money away,” he laughs.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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