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1950s Trucks: Classic Trucks of the 1950s

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The 1950s were a special time for the American motor industry, as manufacturers had pivoted from producing military equipment and vehicles a few years prior. The Allied war effort in World War II heavily inspired and influenced new automotive designs, leading to the creation of breathtaking and practical 1950s trucks. Here are some of the finest trucks from that critical era of automotive history. 

1950 Ford F100

Ford’s immensely successful F-series began in 1948, and these vehicles have dominated the truck market ever since. The first units, which were initially called F-1s, featured an original platform design and boasted impressive specifications, such as telescoping shocks.

The truck’s engine options included a 226 cu in Flathead I6 with 95 hp at 3,300 rpm and a 239 cu in Flathead V8 with 100 hp at 3,800 rpm. The F100 made history by being the first commercially-available half-ton pickup truck to feature a V8. 

The 1950 Ford F100 improved upon the original design by featuring a grille with horizontal bars and improved instrumentation. Ford relocated its three-speed shift from the floor to the steering column. The truck also boasted a roomier interior with enhanced ventilation and a better heating system, making for a much more comfortable ride. Plus, the truck offered reclining coil spring bench seats. 

Unsurprisingly, the truck sold remarkably well. In 1950, Ford sold 230,000 units, increasing their truck sales by 41% compared to the previous year. Some of its finish options included Raven Black, Sheridan Blue, Birch Gray, Sunland Beige, and many more. Some truck enthusiasts were even fortunate enough to walk away with a remarkable Cherry Red Ford. 

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1950 Dodge Truck Power Wagon

Dodge first offered their iconic Power Wagon to the public in 1946, the year after World War II concluded. The company initially started producing these powerhouse 4×4 trucks in 1934 for the U.S. military, and they were much-adored vehicles among those in the armed forces. 

1950 marked an important year for Dodge and their Power Wagon, as the manufacturer upgraded the vehicle with user-friendly instrumentation, improved brakes, and a new truck bed. 

The Power Wagon was the first civilian truck to sport four-wheel drive, making it ideal for rugged terrains. Plus, it came equipped with large 7.50” x 6” eight-ply tires. The Power Wagon could overcome some of the most challenging landscapes, whether the terrain was full of rocks, mud, or sand. They even came with a power winch in case the vehicle got stuck. The truck’s powertrain was a 230 cu in Flathead I6 with a 4-speed manual transmission. 

Because these iconic trucks are a favorite among enthusiasts, it’s no surprise that collectors and hobbyists have created stunning Dodge Restomods and custom interpretations from these classics, including the 1950 Dodge dump trucks. 

1954 Ford F100

Next on our list is another remarkable iteration of the Ford F100 series. The 1954 Ford F100 was part of the second generation, and Ford’s succeeding generation featured new power brakes, wider seats, and new powertrain options. 

The company made important cosmetic and mechanical changes in the 1954 model year. The new breathtaking model featured a revised grille with a single-slanted design in between its headlamps.  

The truck came with robust engine options, such as the enlarged 223 cu in Mileage Maker I6 with 115 hp and a 239 cu in Y-Block V8 with 130 hp. The truck also offered the new Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission.  

The 1950s Ford F-Series remains an enduring favorite among automotive enthusiasts, captivating them with its timeless design, rugged durability, and iconic presence. Many have brought new life to these classics by creating stunning Ford F100 Rat Rods as well as custom haulers and other impressive designs. 

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1957 Studebaker Transtar

The 1957 Studebaker Transtar holds a special place in automotive history, as it’s known for its distinct styling. Studebaker’s 2-door pickup truck first came on the scene in 1955 as the “Studebaker E-series,” but the company called it the “Studebaker Transtar” from 1957 to 1960, the last year of its production. 

The company drew styling inspiration from their 1949 trucks, but they equipped the Transtar with bold updates, including sleek lines and chrome accents, conveying a fashionable and futuristic style. The truck also boasted a stunning fiberglass grille, tying together its unique and iconic design. 

Studebaker offered many impressive powertrain options for their Transtar, such as the 185 cu in Champion L-head I6, the 246 cu in Commander L-head I6, the 224 cu in Commander OHV V8, the 289 cu in OHV V8, and more. 

Today, the 1957 Studebaker Transtar remains a beloved classic among truck enthusiasts and collectors, but the vehicle is far rarer than the other beauties on our list. 

Get the Best Insurance for 1950s Trucks

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