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[Video] 1936 Auburn Speedster Replica Best of Both Worlds

A Depression-era car company that may have been ahead of its time, the late great Auburn Automobile Company of Auburn, Indiana manufactures the Auburn Speedster, a sleek machine with an iconic boat-tail design. Auburn releases the first Speedster model in 1930, when the original Auburn 68 bhp Lycoming engine is increased to 115 bhp. A change in bodywork by designer Gordon Buehrig in 1935 gives the car its memorable look and feel. At the 2018 Carmel Artomobilia, John Pitz catches up with Greg and Kelly, the owners of a 1936 Auburn Speedster replica, who tell us about the joy of owning such a detailed recreation of this piece of automotive history.

Classic Good Looks Coupled with Practicality

“I just love the look and feel and it’s one of those things that everyone gravitates towards,” Greg says. After looking for several years at classic cars that could also be driven on a regular basis, Greg and Kelly decide on this Speedster replica, manufactured by Speedster Motorcars out of Florida. “We wanted something we could take out and get an ice cream in that wasn’t something that had to stay in the garage because you’re too afraid to get a ding in it.” This replica of the 1936 Auburn Speedster has the classic good looks and period-correct design that draws attention driving down the street, while under the hood, modern mechanical additions fuel a practical driving experience.

Period Correct Design

Speedster Motorcars has the original molds for the Auburn Speedster, so the dimensions of the car are correct for the era. From the signature boat-tail to the sleek lines of the body, Greg and Kelly’s replica captures all the features of the 1936 Auburn Speedster that make the car such a head-turning machine. In addition, Speedster Motorcars adds a few upgrades, such as 100-spoke chrome wheels rather than the original 32, giving the car more lavish bling. The addition of a GM Vortex 5.3 engine with a supercharger gives a boost in power not available on the original.

Pretty Cool Day Driver

With the classic design and modern mechanicals, Greg says his replica is the “best of both worlds.” The car is on a chassis designed and engineered by Speedster Motorcars. “It’s a purpose-built chassis, tubular and four wheel discs, coil over shocks.” When asked about her favorite features of the replica, Kelly says, “The look, and also the convertible feature.” So, is this replica a great car to take out for ice cream? Greg and Kelly say, “Lots of ice cream!”

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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