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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less


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At Classic Auto Insurance, we understand your customer’s passion for classic and collector cars because many of us are collectors, too. We are active in the local car community here in Indianapolis and understand what owners are looking for in their coverage. This unique perspective is why Classic Auto Insurance is the best choice available for specialized auto coverage.

As an Independent Agent, your goal is to find the collector car insurance that best accommodates the needs of your customers. Saving them money strengthens the loyalty they give you and keeps them coming back. Partnering with Classic Auto Insurance can be a profitable endeavor for you as well. Let us show you how you (and your customers) can benefit from this win-win situation.

What We Offer Agents

  • A partner in providing affordable classic and collector car insurance.
  • Over 15 years of knowledgeable, excellent service. Quick, no-nonsense quotes.
  • Lower collectible car insurance premiums.
  • Customizable plans tailored for your customers’ needs.
  • Annual customer savings of 60 to 75 percent on premiums.
  • An average yearly premium of $150 to $300 on most collector cars.
  • Better customer retention for homeowners and standard auto insurance.
  • Support in building a strong Agent/Customer relationship.
  • A minimum commission of 10% for every new and renewed policy.

For Classic Auto Insurance, understanding our classic and collector car customers’ needs is paramount. We offer a variety of policies that can be customized to create the right insurance coverage for each one of them. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any specific question they might have – and that goes for our agent partners as well.

Why Choose Classic Auto Insurance?

  • Customized policies for each client
  • Policies based on Agreed Value rather than Stated Value of the car
  • Flexible mileage plans (1,000, 3,000 and 6,000 miles)
  • Rollover miles
  • Simple claims process (using the customer’s choice of repair shop)
  • Single liability charge for multiple vehicles
  • Spare parts covered to $2,000 or more

See why more than 1,000 agents and 15,000 policyholders depend on Classic Auto Insurance for full coverage on collectible automobiles.

Classic Auto insurance policies are profitable for our agent partners. Whether it gives you the ability to provide an enhanced product to a full coverage customer or enables you to appeal to even more customers, Classic Auto Insurance secures complete protection and satisfaction for your customers. Contact us to become a referring agent!

Classic Auto Insurance - Agent's Corner

Benefits of Partnering With Classic Auto Insurance

Collectors of vintage automobiles typically have a lot of money invested in their vehicles. As their agent, you want to help them protect their investment in the best way possible. While standard car insurance works for, well, standard cars, it just doesn’t meet the highly specific requirements of collector, classic and custom vehicles, not to mention considering an owner’s passion ...
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Younger Generations Shaking Up Collector Market

For the first time in 2017, GenXers and the generations after them eclipse Baby Boomers as the largest number of people interested in acquiring classic vehicles. Their influence is impacting the collector market in many different ways. Younger Enthusiasts Rule While Boomers have ruled the collector market for years, the gap is closing, according to statistics that show the number ...
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Advise Clients of the Benefits of Spring Tune-ups

Depending on where your clients live in the United States, winter weather presents many harsh conditions for them. Drivers face below zero temperatures, winter storms, road salt, sand, ice and potholes. All of these things create an environment that is tough on vehicles, not only on the exterior paint job and body. Engine performance is affected as well. If you ...
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Risks of Do-It-Yourself Repairs and Restoration

As an agent, you’ll talk to plenty of car collectors who repair and restore their valuable vehicles themselves. For some, there’s just nothing like getting dirty, doing the work and knowing every detail of their car or truck inside and out. But an automotive project can easily get out of hand. Help your clients understand the pros and cons of ...
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Classic Car Storage Starts With the Right Prep

Is your client’s classic stored in the safest environment? Do they have a plan for extreme weather? Natural disaster? Checking on the car periodically? A storage plan helps owners head off costly problems and keep their vehicles safe. To become a referring agent, contact Classic Auto Insurance today.

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Collector Vehicle Winners & Losers 2018

SUVs and trucks continue to make a strong showing on Hagerty’s Hottest 25 Collector Vehicles list. Jeeps and Suburban’s sit toward the top. In the #1 spot are 60’s and 70’s era Broncos favored by younger enthusiasts holding value at 200%. To become a referring agent, contact Classic Auto Insurance today.

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Shifting Trends for the Next Generation Affect Insurance Coverage

Today, Gen Xers and Millennials own as many classic and collectible vehicles as past generations. Their tastes are different -and they may not think of themselves as collectors- but they are. Help them make smart coverage decisions. To become a referring agent, contact Classic Auto Insurance today.

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What Does Collectability Mean For Your Clients?

Your next client might not be into Corvettes. What does collectability mean to them? Learn what it means to be a collector today and how to sell specialty coverage to people of a certain age, their early twenties to late thirties. To become a referring agent, contact Classic Auto Insurance today.

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Buyer’s Market Great for Collectors and Their Agents

The buyer’s market for classic cars is giving insurance agents new opportunities. Find out how customized specialty coverage is more important than ever for a new breed of collector redefining what a collectible automobile can be. To become a referring agent, contact Classic Auto Insurance today.

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