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June is International Surf Music Month!

classic woodie car

Surf music brings to mind 1960s California culture, including the Beach Boys, ocean waves, bikinis, and classic cars known as “woodies.” But why did a car design that originated in the United States in the 1930s for lodge and landowners become the vehicle synonymous with 1960s American surfers?

The woodie (also spelled woody) made mass-producing large vehicles such as station wagons cheaper due to the effort to save steel during World War II. The nature of using wood on a car, however, also became its demise. The upkeep needed to maintain the wood body was often overlooked, and the values of such cars plummeted. Surfers found that the large cars were the perfect size for hauling their long surfboards, and the affordable cost made them even more attractive. The woodie became an icon of the surfer lifestyle and was embodied in music, movies, and television.

The wood on woodies was replaced with simulated wood grain created from vinyl and remained a popular style for mainstream station wagons and minivans. Real woodies are now hard-to-find collector cars that draw much attention from classic car and surfer era enthusiasts.

International Surf Music Month gives us all a time to reminisce about the good old days and the good old cars. If you have a classic woodie car, make sure it is protected with Classic Auto Insurance. Our collector car competitive rates and benefits will keep you on the road whether you are showing off at a classic car show on the beach or cruising in your local holiday parade. Contact us today for your free instant classic car insurance quote.

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