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Man Reunited with Car Stolen 33 Years Earlier

Sacramento Man Reunited With Stolen 1964 Ford Thunderbird

A Sacramento, California resident has been reunited with his classic car that was stolen from him 33 years earlier! Gary Chartrand, the owner of the 1964 Ford Thunderbird, was heartbroken when the car was originally stolen back in 1981. He had purchased the T-bird after splitting up with his wife, a $1600 gift to himself for the next phase of his life.

Chartrand says the night the T-bird was stolen was one of the worst nights of his life. It was stolen while he was bartending at the Old Sacramento Fanny Ann’s Saloon.

He never thought that 33 years later he would receive the call that police had located his vehicle and it would be returned to him. The car was delivered last Tuesday, and police told Chartrand the car had been found 750 miles north of Sacramento, all the way in Washington. When the car was returned, it was found to be in good condition, with just some minor and easily repairable damage.

The car is 50 years old now, and you can check out the video of the car’s return from CBS Sacramento:


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