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September Month in Motoring

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September Month in Motoring

September marks the beginning of the fall driving season, inviting car enthusiasts to hit the road with their convertibles. Despite the looming end of the year’s car fun, there are exciting events and opportunities to seize.

Midwest Car Enthusiasts Thrill at Detroit’s Unique Auto Event

In the Midwest, car enthusiasts had the chance to attend two exceptional events: the Detroit Concours and the Old Car Festival. While they both involve cars, each offers a unique experience, bridging the gap between classic and modern vehicles.

The Detroit Concours, held at the Detroit Institute of Arts in a distinctive downtown location, featured classic cars from the 1930s to the hypercars of today, bringing together a diverse group of spectators. It aimed to unite old and new car fans in an admirable effort.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Old Car Festival, a decades-old event, focused on prewar cars. With over 400 cars from the early 1900s to 1932, it provided a unique opportunity to see and hear these vintage vehicles in action at Greenfield Village.

With these exciting shows in Detroit, the city is making strides in reclaiming its car heritage.

September’s Softening Collector Car Market Offers Opportunities

As September waned, the collector car market softened, presenting a prime opportunity for enthusiasts to make purchases. Prices for “driver” cars remained flat to down, making it an excellent time to consider adding to your collection. For those interested in Porsches or alternatives like the Corvette C8, this could be the right moment to buy.

Top-Down Cruises: Scenic Routes for the Last Drive of 2023

As the temperature dropped and the year neared its end, car enthusiasts sought the perfect spots for their last 2023 cruise. Two suggestions emerged on each coast:

First, the picturesque journey from Cloverdale, north of San Francisco, to the California coast on Highway 128 offers a thrilling ride with numerous twists and turns. Patience is key on this scenic route, where even a farmer in a 1970s pickup may overtake you, showcasing their years of experience on these challenging roads.

Next up was The Tail of the Dragon, an 11-mile route starting at Deal Gap on the Tennessee-North Carolina state line, which presents 318 unforgettable turns. However, it’s essential to approach Highway 129 with caution and thorough research due to its challenging and potentially dangerous nature.

Best in Class Coverage with Classic Auto

In the world of motoring, September sets the stage for a memorable driving season. Whether you’re exploring vintage cars, investing in collectibles, or embarking on thrilling autumn drives, the road ahead is filled with exciting possibilities. And with those opportunities comes the need for the best coverage for your classic. Classic Auto Insurance offers flexible plans tailored to your vehicle’s needs along with great benefits, such as inflation guard and nationwide roadside assistance with flatbed towing. 

Ready to learn more? Call our classic car insurance experts today at 888-901-1338, or you can get an instant quote online here. Happy motoring!

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