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History of the Plymouth Prowler

The Plymouth Prowler has a colorful history and a legacy all its own. Commercially the Plymouth Prowler might not have been the best-selling model on the market by any stretch, but as a concept car that made it into production, the Prowler is an edgy, retro, and unmistakable automobile that got people talking and turned plenty of heads.

There’s no denying that the Plymouth Prowler stands out. Among any car collection, the Prowler makes for an addition that’s bold, indulgent, and a modern-yet-retro classic all rolled into one.

Make sure you keep your Plymouth Prowler protected with custom-fit auto insurance from the experts at Classic Auto. And don’t be afraid to take your Prowler out for a spin! It’s not every day that an American automaker produces something like the Prowler. So enjoy it on your next summer drive!

From Concept to Creation

The Plymouth Prowler was like no other Chrysler at the time of its conception. It’s exactly the kind of car that we might expect to see as a concept and only that. The fact that the Plymouth Prowler went from a gutsy concept car unveiled in 1993 to being put in production by 1998 is remarkable. The car’s unmistakable design is loud, retro, and totally unlike anything else on the market.

Even the car’s designers didn’t think it would move beyond the concept stage. But when the car got the green light for production in 1996, it was built and came to the market in 1998, with plenty of media buzz and some surely bewildered car enthusiasts. In its first year, the car was available only in one color: Prowler Purple. Later color options were added to appeal to purchasers.

The Prowler evokes the glory of 1930s hotrods, with its exposed racer-style front wheels and distinctive curve point body. The Chrysler engineers behind the Prowler had free reign to make a retro hotrod, and it seems they took every liberty afforded to them.

A Retro Look with a Futuristic Build

After its release, some buyers who embraced the Prowler’s outlandish looks were disappointed that the car was available only with an automatic transmission V6 engine. Many had hoped for a V8 to provide the power needed to propel such an aggressive-looking design. But the car’s designers had to adhere to safety standards and regulatory considerations, which played a role in keeping the car available only in a V6 option.

But beyond its flashy, out-there looks, perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Prowler is its materials. The car provided an experiment of sorts to see if its build could rely on aluminum construction. The final car featured a large amount of aluminum construction, chiefly in the chassis, greatly reducing the car’s weight.

With demands for more efficient vehicles and better gas mileage rising, building cars with lightweight aluminum would become a staple of automotive design in the coming years. In this way, the Prowler provided an early opportunity to work with aluminum, underscoring the value of the research and development that went into it.

A Legacy All Its Own

In the end, fewer than 12,000 Prowlers were sold by the end of its six-year production run. But the car was never meant to be mainstream. It attracted a niche following and collectors who were glad to see Chrysler make some noise and not be afraid to design and produce a car that looked like nothing else on the market. The car is more akin to a cult classic whose success was frankly never meant for drivers and car critics focused only on performance or traditional appeal.

More than anything else, the Plymouth Prowler exemplifies what some American automakers will do when given the chance to take a chance and do something different. The Prowler could have easily been relegated to a concept car only. But instead, it was a research project that went into production, providing a clear departure from bland, uninspired automobiles. The Prowler leaves a legacy all its own, and it’s a fun, creative addition to any collector’s garage.

For Classic Cars, the Right Insurance Matters

Classic Auto Insurance isn’t like the big insurance companies who don’t have flexible plans and couldn’t care less what’s in your garage. We care about insuring collector cars right. Classic Auto offers customizable coverage with tiered mileage that suits your driving, and storage needs. Coverage for classics like the Plymouth Prowler should take into account the car’s history, how much it’s driven, and the special needs and attention that uncommon cars require.

If you have any questions about insuring your Plymouth Prowler or another vehicle, we’re happy to share more info. Call us today at 888-901-1338.


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