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We're Bully for British Sports Cars - 1967 Austin Healey MKIII


The 1967 Austin-Healey MKIII – What a Sports Car to Be

Who doesn’t love British sports cars? These low slung, stylish speed demons are what most of us think of when we envision sports cars. Whether you prefer James Bond’s Aston Martin DB-5 or the classic Jaguar E-Type, the throaty rumble of these cars is more “British” to you than tea and crumpets. For us, the sports car that evokes images of European race tracks and the Queen Mum is the Austin-Healey 3000. Our friends at Dream Makers Automotive in Fort Wayne, Indiana are giving us the chance to drool over this 1967 Austin Healey MKIII convertible.

Bring on Those “Big Healeys”

When the British Motor Company (BMC) partners with the Don Healey Motor Company in 1952, good things start coming in small packages. Their original goal is to make a reasonably priced sports car. They achieve much more. When the Austin-Healey 100 rolls off the line in 1953 followed quickly by the 100-6 and the 3000, the “Big Healeys” soon set the car world buzzing.


Beauty and Speed

The 3000 series is the most powerful and luxurious of the line with a six-cylinder engine that produces 150hp and can propel the lightweight body down the track at 122 mph. The interior features a flat walnut accented dash with a center console. There are three different versions (MKI, MKII and MKIII) and close to 43,000 are produced before Austin-Healey stops production in 1967.

Austin-Healey Sets Land Speed Records

The “Big Healeys” have what it takes to win, making their mark in the racing world at Le Mans, Sebring and a number of European rallies. A special streamlined prototype Austin-Healey sets several land speed records on the Salt Flats in Bonneville, Utah.

“Big Healeys” Head to the U.S. in a Big Way

The 3000 series are the most popular Austin-Healey models produced. In 1964, 80% of all MKIII models produced head to the U.S., with California accounting for a large portion of them. A total of 65,951 “Big Healey” sports cars are produced during the 18-year partnership between BMC and Don Healey Motor Company.

The Epitome of British Sports Cars

With their long hoods, distinct styling and powerful engines, the “Big Healeys” sports cars leave their mark on how we define this class of cars. Seeing this beautiful red model at Dream Makers Automotive only makes us long for a ride with the top down, so we can experience what a true British sports car should be.

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This 1956 Red Ford F100 Stops Us in Our Tracks at Artomobilia

Popular Truck Attends Its First Artomobilia

If you love classic trucks like we do, feel free to share our video with friends! AMIG’s Rick Drewry spots a 1956 Ford F100 truck at a recent Carmel Artomobilia and can’t resist stopping to chat with the owner, Steve. There are three things that Steve was searching for when he went looking for a classic truck:
  • a Mustang 2 front end suspension
  • overdrive transmission
  • the color had to be red
He found all three in this 1956 F100 and decides to show it off at his first Artomobilia. We are glad he did.

Favorite with Collectors and Hot Rods

The 1953-56 F100 is a perennial favorite among collectors and hot rodders. This iconic truck always draws a crowd. Back in ’53 the Ford designers actually focus on the driver’s needs. They make the seat a full five feet wider, giving passengers more leg, head and shoulder room while reducing driver fatigue.


I Can See Clearly Now!

The 1956 model is a one-year-only body style with vertical windshield pillars. The front and back windshields are 55% larger and wrap around for more visibility. Even the side window ledges are lowered to increase the field of vision when parking. The truck is issued with a 223 CID Mileage Maker I6 engine that produces 137 hp.

No One Passes This Truck on the Highway

This truck is all of its 100-Percent-Ford parts, though Steve has modified it slightly. “There’s a 302 Ford engine in there now,” he says. “I took it to Street Rod Nationals (in Louisville, Kentucky) and drove it on the interstate coming home. Nobody passed me!” And that’s just as it should be.

Proud Sponsor of Carmel Artomobilia

Year after year, Classic Auto Insurance is proud to support the Carmel Artomobilia, a two-day celebration of automotive art and design and the unending passion we have for our classic and collector cars. The weekend festivities in Camel, Indiana include charity event Fuelicious: A Celebration of Wheels + Wishes on the grounds of the Lucas Estate that features 50 distinct collector cars, and a fantastic street party in the Arts and Design District with live music, food, shopping and more spectacular cars on display. Traditionally held in late August, it just keeps getting better!

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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Where Cool Was Born - the James Dean Festival & Car Show

James Dean Festival and Car Show September 23-25

With the start of fall, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy some great car shows before Old Man Winter returns. Looking for a memorable event? Come to where cool was born at the annual James Dean Festival and Car Show September 23-25 in Fairmount, Indiana. Loyal fans and incredible classic cars descend on the legendary star’s hometown to pay tribute to the iconic actor.

Three Days of Food, Fun and Films

The three-day festival has something for everyone. Film buffs can view Dean’s films; Rebel Without a Cause, Giant and East of Eden, while fans of the 50s dance to live music on Main Street. Great food, trivia contests and a James Dean look-a-like contest make for an all-around good time.

Hot Rods & Hudsons to Mustangs & Muscle Cars

For the classic car enthusiast, the James Dean Run Car Show on Saturday is the event for you. Every make and model car is decked out and ready for the judges and the spectators. A Grand Parade, featuring everything from 50s Hot Rods and Hudsons to Mustangs and Muscle cars, takes place during the day. Stick around Saturday night when the Parade of Neon really lights things up.

A Sad End to a Bright Star

September 30, 1955 is the fateful day James Dean crashed his Porsche 550 Spyder outside of Bakersfield, California on his way to a car race. Today, years of lipstick stains cover Dean’s tombstone as it lies in Fairmount’s Park Cemetery. The Rebel faithful come every year, a testament to the star’s enduring appeal.


Tribute to a Hoosier Native

With his tragic death at the age of 24, Dean is forever frozen in time as the youthful yet tormented figure we see on screen. The festival is a tribute to the Hoosier native sponsored by the Fairmount Historical Museum, where many of his personal items like his motorcycle, awards and clothing are housed.

Missing Porsche Still a Mystery

Surprisingly missing from all of the Dean memorabilia are the remains of his beloved sports car. After the accident, it is stripped for parts and the body is sold to Hollywood car designer George Barris, the King of the Kustomizers. Mysteriously, the car disappears in 1960 and its whereabouts remain a mystery. The Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois has a standing reward for the car and currently displays a Barris-made replica of Dean’s Porsche.

Don’t Store That Classic Away Yet

Even though this year’s car show season is coming to a close, that doesn’t mean our desire to show off our cars has to stop. Come out and enjoy Fairmount’s James Dean Festival and Car Show September 23-25. Before you store your classics away for the winter, get out there and live the gearhead’s dream one more time by parading your car for all to see. The Rebel will be proud.

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Doubleheader Racing Highlights Ford GT National Rally 11

Ford GT National Rally 11 September 15-18

The Ford GT faithful are gathering in Austin, Texas for this year’s Ford GT National Rally 11. Capping off a spectacular year of Ford GT racing, attendees have the only chance to see all four Ford GT race cars in action as they compete in the Lone Star Le Mans IMSA and FIA World Endurance Championship (FEC) doubleheader at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA). Since their d├ębut at the Rolex 24, the 2017 Ford GT race cars have exceeded expectations, pulling off an historic win at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. Catching them in action on the track at COTA promises to be a memorable experience.


Lone Star Le Mans

The Lone Star Le Mans is a Texas twist on the world’s most grueling endurance race. Four classes of cars race together on the 3.4-mile racetrack outside of Austin. Fans can experience two premiere sports car series in one event; the global FIA WEC and the North American based IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship. Competition promises to be tough, since COTA is home to the two Dodge Viper GT Daytona teams.


A Night Finish Followed by Fireworks

Not only can you get up close access to the race cars and their teams at the COTA doubleheader, it’s a night race finish worthy of a Texas style fireworks display. Rally members will enjoy almost nine hours of exciting race action and entertainment – and the hope for another Ford GT victory!


Ford Celebrities Will Be There

Get access to many of Ford’s power players; Raj Nair, Dave Pericak, Henry Ford III, Mark Rushbrook, Chip Ganassi and Camilo Pardo are all scheduled to attend the doubleheader racing event. The entire weekend is a great chance to catch up with fellow owners, talk about all things GT and continue celebrating these amazing cars.




Ford GT Parade Lap

It’s not all racing, folks. The Austin area offers plenty of live music, incredible cuisine and great local drives. COTA has promised parking for all of the Ford GTs and, of course, we’ll be able to show off our babies during a special parade lap. Many of you may have received a congratulatory letter regarding the new 2017 GTs and we can’t wait to share in your excitement.

Proud Sponsor of the Ford GT National Rally 11

Classic Auto Insurance has sponsored the Ford GT National Rally since 2007. Participating in gatherings like this one, getting to meet all of the great owners, and sharing in our love of collecting is one of the highlights of our job. Whether you own a Ford GT or a Model T, your car needs protection. Let our friendly staff at Classic Auto Insurance help you find the right policy for your needs. Visit our website at and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.
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How Henry Ford and the Model T Changed Our World [Infographic]

(Click on image to view in its entirety)

The Ford Model T – Affordable Car for the Masses

There is no denying the impact the Ford Model T has on America and the world. Before Henry Ford makes his car affordable for the masses, travel is done primarily by horse and people rarely travel far. Our infographic highlights events throughout this amazing car’s production that illustrate the effect it has on our history. Share this factsheet with your friends and test your knowledge.

A Monumental Impact on Society

“I will build a motorcar for the great multitudes,” Henry Ford proclaims when he establishes the Ford Motor Company in 1903. You have to wonder if the great man himself has any idea the monumental impact this car would have on society. Transportation, production, education and social mores are all transformed once America takes to the highways.

The First Mass Produced Car

The Model T is the first mass produced car. Lightweight and durable, it can handle the rutted dirty roads of rural America and is easily repaired by owners. It does have its issues, though. The crank shaft often pops back, breaking a driver’s arm. Yet, by 1918 over half of all cars sold in the U.S are Model T cars.

Safety Features? Not on the Model T

Built with a 4-cylinder 20 hp engine, the Model T has a top speed of 45 mph. This sounds great until you realize the car is built with no safety features like seat belts. The body isn’t designed to absorb the impact from a crash and the 10-gallon gas tank is located under the front seat. Drivers risk it all for the freedom the Model T offers.

Model T Comes in Black and Black

Creature comforts don’t exist on the Model T. Early models are open-sided carriages with no heat. Henry Ford famously states an owner could “order their car in any color as long as that color was black.” From 1914 until 1925, the ‘Tin Lizzy’ only comes in black, which is cheaper and faster drying than other paint colors.

93 Minutes to Make a Model T

Ford revolutionizes assembly line production for his cars. Every 93 minutes a new Model T rolls off the line. He raises the minimum wage for his workers to five dollars, twice that of other auto workers. His plants run three shifts 24 hours a day in order to meet worldwide demand. At the height of production, Ford employs 13,000 workers.

Democratizing the Automobile

The societal changes that Ford unleashes helps to create the middle class in America and gives people greater opportunities by opening up the world to them. Ford’s vow of “democratizing the automobile” is realized with the Model T and is solidified with his next car, the Model A.

The Model T Changes Our World

In 1927 the Model A begins to phase out the Model T and soon the last Tin Lizzy rolls off the line. By making his car affordable for all, Henry Ford changes the way the world lives, works and travels. Once a luxury item available only to the wealthy, the automobile soon becomes a necessity for working class Americans. The Ford Model T helps transition the world into a brighter future.

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