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Classic Car Storage Starts With the Right Prep

Is your client’s classic stored in the safest environment? Do they have a plan for extreme weather? Natural disaster? Checking on the car periodically? A storage plan helps owners head off costly problems and keep their vehicles safe. To become a referring agent, contact Classic Auto Insurance today.

Shelby GT500 vintage parts are hard to find

Legacy of the Mustang Shelby GT500

Is the 2020 Shelby GT500 “the ultimate Mustang?” The famous high performance version of the Mustang GT, built by Shelby American from ’65 to ‘68 and now Ford, is a sight to behold when carefully restored. The ultimate find for collectors is a well-kept, mid-1960’s Shelby with 100% original parts.

drivers clubs pros and cons of membership

How Do Drivers Car Clubs Work?

Drivers clubs allow members to pool their resources, make bigger, better car purchases and enjoy the pleasure of driving some of the best cars on the planet. Find out five advantages of joining, plus the drawbacks. Let Classic Auto customize a policy to protect your Corvette. Call for a free quote.

picking right car sandpaper

Selecting Sandpaper to Prep for Primer and Paint

Tech Tip Video – The experts at Project C10 recommend using the proper grade sandpaper for paint or primer to stick. For primer, 180 grit gives enough “bite” to hold the primer while still concealing the scratches. We recommend using 600 to 800 grit sandpaper before applying the final paint.

1936 auburn speedster

[Video] 1936 Auburn Speedster Replica Best of Both Worlds

Video – The late great Auburn Automobile Company makes the Auburn Speedster, a sleek machine with an iconic boat-tail design. This replica of the 1936 model has the period-correct design that draws attention driving down the street, with a modern engine under the hood, making it a perfect day driver.

1937 chevy coupe

[Video] Former Trailer Queen Quite the Curvy Replica

Video – We talk with the owner of a sweet replica car that brings back the stylish elegance of a 30’s-era Chevy Coupe. She has a LT1 engine, 4L60 transmission, four-wheel disc brakes and a Corvette rear end. Replica cars are recreations of popular production cars designed to look like the original.

Episode 14 – All About Wiring

Episode 14 – Project C10’s Rick Drewry takes you through the meticulous job of re-wiring our Chevy C10 truck using a new kit from Ron Francis Wiring. Rick’s biggest tip? Read the instructions. By the time you're done you’ll have a brand new wiring set-up that will be trouble-free for a very long time.

c10 truck construct crossmember

Need a Crossmember? Craft One Yourself

Tech Tip Video – The Project C10 team constructs a 1-½ inch metal crossmember for the rear of our Chevy C10 truck. Made with a dimple die, punch and flare/hole flair tools. Drill corresponding holes, press the metal through with the corresponding dimple die to give the holes a concave edge.

1972 de tomaso pantera

[Video] Original 1972 De Tomaso Pantera Wins Best in Class

Video – A 1972 De Tomaso Pantera wins Best in Class at Artomobilia 2018. The iconic car combines Italian sports car styling with the reliability of Ford’s V-8 engine. The first affordable mid-engine exotic in its day. Its yellow color, preserved from bumper to bumper, every piece is absolutely original.