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1980 1990 collector cars

The Rise of 80’s and 90’s Collector Cars

Which generation are you a part of? Which one do you identify with? This could have a lot to do with what kind of classic and collector car enthusiast you aspire to. For instance, cars built in the 80’s and 90’s are rising in popularity with collectors, especially GenXers and Millennials. Just like those in the 1980’a who were mad …

[Video] A 1970 Ford Bronco That Poses for Wedding Pics

 A gorgeous 1970 Ford Bronco owned by a guy named Thor stands out in the crowd at the 2019 Indy World of Wheels, and Classic Auto’s Drew Yagodnik stops by to get his story on the gleaming white beauty. He does all the work on it himself, with some help from friends on the paint and body. “It’s in a constant state of evolution,” Thor …

windshield install restoration

Using the Rope Technique for Installing Windshields

In Episode 16 of Project C10, work gets done on the cab. It takes Rick Drewry and the crew about five hours to install the windshield properly -with three tries to set the glass into place for a perfect fit. Many first-time restorers are surprised that installing a windshield can be one of the most frustrating parts of a restoration. In …

Advise Clients of the Benefits of Spring Tune-ups

Depending on where your clients live in the United States, winter weather presents many harsh conditions for them. Drivers face below zero temperatures, winter storms, road salt, sand, ice and potholes. All of these things create an environment that is tough on vehicles, not only on the exterior paint job and body. Engine performance is affected as well. If you …

bonneville salt flats

Bonneville Salt Flats – The Place to Race

For scientists and enthusiasts who are obsessed with speed, Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah is the place to race, especially in the fall. With over a century of history, recent erosion has caused the cancellation of races but Save the Salt Foundation has secured $5 million for salt flat restoration in 2019.

Episode 16 – Installing the Windshield

Episode 16 – The Project C10 crew installs the cab windshield using the rope technique – a milestone for the ’65 Chevy C10 restoration. Meanwhile, a unique insulation and cover kit for the underside of the hood provides superior noise reduction and creates a finished look for the engine compartment.

1964 ford falcon

[Video] Take a Look at a 2019 1964 Ford Falcon

Video – Classic Auto’s Drew Yagodnik interviews Ron from Vail’s Classic Cars about the restoration of a Ford Falcon he calls a 2019 ’64 Ford Falcon because it’s a complete blend of new and original features. Every part is carefully reconsidered, replaced or refurbished. Now, it drives like a brand new car.

c10 bodywork

Bodywork That Stands Out in a Crowd

Project C10 Tech Tip Video – Bodywork details are part of what makes your vehicle stand out in a crowd. It’s worth taking the time to get everything perfect, right down to the smallest detail. If you don’t, it will cause headaches down the line and you may never feel totally satisfied with the result.

hemi engine

How the Hemi Engine Changed Automotive History

Although the term Hemi is trademarked by Chrysler, it’s a household name for a type of engine. Short for hemispherical, Hemis are the gold standard of the golden era of muscle cars. The 68-year-old design is revolutionary, sucking in and exhausting air with extreme speed, wasting little energy.