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purple camaro hitman

[Video] World of Wheels 2020: Camaro Pro Street Named The Hitman

We attended the 2020 World of Wheels at the Indiana State Fairgrounds to interview some of the car owners and builders.  Right in the front row when you walk into the show we met car owner and builder John. John is the proud owner of a Camaro Pro Street Rod.  This beast has some major horse power and a great …

1941 willys

[Video] World of Wheels 2020: 1941 Willys Pro Street Rod – Part 1

The crowd at the World of Wheels Car Show in Indianapolis got a purple treat this year. The first show car you saw when walking into the Blue Ribbon Pavilion was a 1941 Willys Pro Street Rod. The reason this fantastic beast was such a treat was that it placed in the top 8 for the 2019 Ridler Award at …

1970 mach 1 cobra

[Video] World of Wheels 2020: 1970 Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet

Every year at Indy World of Wheels, Vail’s Classic Cars brings out some rare beauties.  This year was no different. Classic Auto’s Drew Yagodnik interviews Randy about a family story that only involves a rare 1970 Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet.  Randy tells us the great history and passion behind this car restoration.   Interview Transcript: Drew: Hi, this is …

model ford a hot rod

[Video] World of Wheels 2020: Ford Model A Hot Rod Called Nailed

  The 2020 Indy World of Wheels certainly had a lot of cars this year, but when you talk to the car builders and owners you understand the true passion behind all of these amazing automobiles. Classic Auto’s Drew Yagodnik hits the floor to collect these tales that recall the funny, incredible and touching memories of what the cars and …

1985 Mercedes Benz

[Video] World of Wheels 2020 – 1958 Mercedes Benz 190 SL Custom Roadster

Video Transcript: Drew Yagodnik, Classic Auto Insurance: Hi, this is Drew with Classic Auto Insurance. We’re here at The World of Wheels Indianapolis 2020. Hard to believe it is 2020, but I’m here with Gary with a pretty interesting build. This car is famous, I think I’ve seen it a few times before but I mean it’s a really captivating build. …

Learning More About Tom’s Chevy Wagon at Goodguys Nationals

The Goodguys PPG Nationals is the biggest car show on the Goodguys’ schedule, and the 22nd annual edition on July 12 – 14, 2019 was no exception. After talking with Tom about his custom Chevy wagon, we talk with Kenneth Denney of Hot Rod Specialties in Indianapolis, Indiana, about the work he did on Tom’s behalf. Hot Rod Specialties is …

1934 Ford Pickup staxx

[Video]1934 Ford Pickup Named Staxx – Walking Through The 2020 Autorama Great 8

Transcript: Rick Drewry, I’m with Classic Auto Insurance at Detroit Autorama 2020. We’ve got another Great 8 to show you and this one, too often you don’t see too many old pickup trucks that are going for a Ridler award. So this one being an 1934 Ford pickup truck, it is customized from top to bottom.  If you look at …

1955 Cadillac DeVille sandman

[Video] 1955 Cadillac DeVille Named Sandman – Walking Through The 2020 Autorama Great 8

Transcript: This is Rick Drewry with Classic Auto Insurance at Detroit Autorama, 2020. We have a fabulous set of great eight cars that got revealed today. Another one on the list that’s going to be competing for the Ridler Award is this beautiful 1955 Cadillac. If you look at the custom design, the custom suicide doors, the interior, I’ve never …

1956 Oldsmobile 98 oldsled

[Video] 1956 Oldsmobile 98 Named Oldsled – Walking Through The 2020 Autorama Great 8

Transcript: Okay, this is Rick Drewry. I’m here with Classic Auto Insurance at Detroit Autorama 2020, and what we want to do is cover the great eight that just got revealed this morning. And we’re going to start with the car that’s in the background, a beautiful 1956 Oldsmobile 98. There’s not a whole lot left that’s Oldsmobile 98, but …