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The New Mustang Shelby GT350 – A Supercharged Muscle Car Innovation

Ford Unveils 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 Muscle Car

Photo Courtesy of Car And Driver


You may have seen the teasers Ford has been releasing for weeks now, and perhaps you even picked up on the Batman-like profile they were attempting to give their new Shelby release. But if you haven’t seen the new GT350 yet, you’re missing out on one of the best releases of the year! (Here is one of many videos Ford released in anticipation of the new Shelby…)


Yes indeed, the Shelby GT350 is still alive, and here are all of the reasons we’re excited about this new addition to the Ford line up for 2016:
  • Although this is the next car in the Shelby legacy, it very closely resembles the Boss, crossing the two breeds and making a supercharged beast of a road machine.
  • There is nothing “normal” about this car. It comes fully equipped with cross-drilled carbon-ceramic brake rotors, 19 inch Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer performance tires, a center hood vent, fender vents behind the front and back wheels, and a rumored flat-plane crankshaft that will help this model hit over 8000 rpms, as well as a potential 500 horsepower.
  • A 5.0 liter V8 will rest under the hood of this giant, offering 400 lb-ft of torque.
  • The MagneRide system, which is a controlled magnetorheological damping system, which is a fancy way of saying that the system rapidly alters the shock stiffness at each corner of the vehicle, relieving tension from the suspension load of the GT. Several other high end models on the market already boast this system, but this is the first Ford to sport such a system.
  • An exterior that will knock your classic car socks off with aluminum front fenders, a decklid spoiler, an aero tray, and a rear diffuser, among many other eye-catching options.

The new Shelby GT350 will be at our local dealers before we know it, and for specialty model muscle, they will be reasonably priced, starting around $50,000 for base models. If you decide to take one out for a test drive when they hit the lots, give Classic Auto a call and we can help you with a free, instant muscle car insurance quote for the new addition to your garage! Call us today at 888-901-1338.
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Bird Cars for Turkey Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

What better way for classic car fans to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday (aka “Turkey Day”) than by honoring the most famous and memorable “bird” cars in our history. We’ve put together this fun graphic for you to enjoy and share with your fellow collectors this holiday season.

Any cars on here you don’t recognize, or any additional bird cars you think should be added to this list? We hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and we are thankful to serve such a wonderful and enthusiastic group of car collectors who are so passionate about what they do!

Celebrating Bird Car Names For Turkey Day On Thanksgiving
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The Last King of Detroit

King Cobra Muscle Car Is Rarest Of Ford Mustang II Models

In 1974, the muscle car market was dwindling. True pony cars were becoming a thing of the past as the Plymouth Barracuda was retired, the Dodge Challenger had seen its last dealership, the AMC Javelin was a goner, and by the next year, the Chevrolet Z28 and pretty much the entire line of Camaros would be done away with.

What Brought us the Cobra
The nearly lone survivor in ’74 was the Ford Mustang II, the model that brought us what we now know as the King Cobra. The King Cobra, an arguable predecessor to all the other Cobra models, as well as the SVT, the 5.0, and even the Shelby GT500, was one-of-a-kind to come out of Detroit in that era. Even though the engine and horsepower offerings were somewhat lacking (a 302 cu-in V8 that only offered 130 horsepower), the body style of this Mustang offered the paint and tape-stripe that put other paint jobs to shame. In a day when racing stripes were typical, these pinstripes gave the Cobra an entirely different look, one that screamed style and power in a more understated way than many of its predecessors.

The Mustang II, although it owes its design largely to the Ford Pinto, served its purpose well in the King Cobra Muscle Car Is Rarest Of Ford Mustang II Modelseconomic recession of the early 70’s. It was designed as a compact car to keep up with what competitors were releasing at the time, reducing the overall size by a foot. In ’76, the II transitioned to the Cobra II (a nod to the Shelby), and by ’78, the King Cobra was a full option package available on the Mustang II, complete with the two-barrel carburetor engine, the distinctive hood scoop, the Snake decal, a black grille, full black headlamp bezels, and all black window trim. It also boasted a front air dam, unique pinstriping, spoke wheels with Cobra center caps, and much more. The additional Rally package offered springs, adjustable shocks and a rear stabilizer bar to offer a smoother ride for those who wanted to kick up the speed.

The King Cobra remains the rarest of all the Mustang II models, as only 4318 units were built and sold.

Local Cobra Fame
It’s not every day you see an original ’78 King Cobra in mint condition, especially since there are so few left in the classic world today. We were beyond thrilled to see a local ’78 King Cobra at Carmel Artomobilia this year, and we wanted to share with our readers the great story behind this car and its owner:

Donna L. Ewer-Cunningham is the owner of this beauty, and she says it was love at first sight when she saw her ’78 King Cobra. Donna says she became interested in cars when she was ten years old and the ’55 Thunderbird was first released on the market. She learned to drive originally in a four-speed 1958 Corvette, and has adored classic cars ever since then. She says she was never looking for a Mustang to add to her collection, but when she saw this gorgeous car, she had to have it. Donna says about her Cobra: “It was totally original and looked brand new off the showroom floor when I got it (’89). It’s always been stock engine 302. Nothing altered at all.” Cunningham is the third owner of this car, and she believes she will be the last one. Over the years, there have been 78,000 miles put onto this model, but the only thing redone has been the paint job, which was done to exact original specifications.

The New King Cobra
There were rumors were flying all over the car world a few weeks ago as the first glimpse of a King Cobra concept car was seen at a recent show in Las Vegas. Ford did use the Cobra name on several mustangs through the 90’s, however, the King Cobra name will be used again for the first time since the 70’s when it graces this new model. SEMA showed us the new rendition of the King Cobra, and we are as pleased as we hoped we would be with what we saw!

We don’t know details on the new King Cobra yet, but we are anxiously awaiting more information on this new classic from the big blue oval. In the meantime, tell us about your King Cobra stories. Do you have one of these rare models in your garage? We’d love to find a few more of these beauties across the country and get to know the owners behind the Cobras. Share your stories with us, and don’t forget to call us for a muscle car insurance quote when the new King Cobra hits the dealerships!
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Black Friday Deals On Holiday Wheels

Holiday Deals On Collector and Luxury Cars This Black Friday
Photo Courtesy of Maserati

If you’re in the market for a new addition to your car collection, Black Friday may be the day you’ve been waiting for to find a great deal! Although you won’t find Black Friday deals at auctions for older classics, you may find some great price cuts and financing options on newer models, as well as limited edition collectible cars that release during the holiday season.

The 100th Anniversary Neiman Marcus Limited-Edition Maserati Ghibli S Q4 is the perfect example of a once-in-a-lifetime car you could purchase this holiday. Although it doesn’t come with a Black Friday discount, it is one of only 100 models made for the public, and comes fully equipped with everything you would expect a limited-edition luxury vehicle to hold. Ringing in at a base price of $95,000, this holiday price tag might be a little steep for some collectors, however, Classic Auto can still save you money when you purchase your luxury car insurance through us. Named after the North African wind, as a reflection of its speed and power, the Ghibli S Q4 is available for reservation now by calling Neiman Marcus at 1-855-835-5665.

If you are looking for something with a lighter price tag, review your local car dealership ads, and don’t forget to widen your search radius outside of just your city. Sometimes smaller towns and surrounding areas will have bigger deals than a large city car dealership. Look for holiday cash-back ads, as well as 0% financing options, and even discounts on the previous year’s models as dealerships look to clear their lots for new models. Statistics have shown that Black Friday deals work when it comes to auto sales! Last year, November sales across the country were up 9% from the month of October.

If you are looking for another way to save some money this holiday season, or perhaps you are looking for a fantastic gift to give to a classic car lover in your life, car clubs are a great option! There are plenty of national clubs, like the Auto Club of America, but there are also local clubs all over the country where collectors can get involved in their communities, participate in shows and events, and get to know other collectors and their cars.

Depending on the state in which you live, Classic Auto Insurance offers fabulous discounts for anyone who is a member of a car club because we like to know that the love of classic cars is being shared all over the country.So whether you are planning to purchase a membership with your Christmas money, or you are gifting a membership to someone else, remember to call our representatives to get an update on your current collector car insurance policy and add in the car club discount to save you money on your monthly payments!

If you have questions about your current policy, or you want a quote on any car you test drive this Black Friday, give Classic Auto a call at 888-901-1338, and we would love to help you out! We have representatives waiting to speak with you and offer you instant help with all of your classic car, muscle car, and luxury car insurance questions.
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Protecting Your Battery Life in Storage

Protect Your Battery While Storing Your Classic Car This Winter

Are you planning to put your classic car in storage this winter? If so, your car battery may be at risk of draining and losing its function if you don’t take some precautions to help it keep its life in storage.

Whether you are leaving your car in storage for a few short weeks, or several months, it never hurts to over-prepare in the event that you need to leave it stored longer than you were planning. Once a battery is drained, irreversible damage is done. You may be able to get it to hold a charge again, but it won’t be nearly as powerful or reliable as it was before the drain.

A common mistake people often make is removing the battery altogether, but if you have an upgraded engine or newer battery in your classic vehicle, it may require a special code to restart it once it has been disconnected from the power source. If you don’t have the code accessible (should be in your owner’s manual), you may have to pay a hefty fee to get the dealer to restart it. Instead of disconnecting, take a few of these steps to prevent it from draining in the first place:
  • Invest in a smart charger. These devices are perfect for keeping your battery at optimal performance, without the worry of over-charging it.
  • Check your car thoroughly for any battery-draining sources. Open your trunk and your glove box to see if the light bulbs are hot (a sign they may not turn off when closed), You may also want to consider purchasing an ammeter to measure your vehicle’s output. If it is above normal, parked-car ratings, you may have a “parasite” draining your battery life. The ammeter won’t tell you where the drain is coming from, but it can help you narrow down the source by telling you the amount of draw being pulled off the battery.
  • Although it may seem like a simple step, make sure excess items are unplugged and removed from the car. Anything left in place like a phone charger, a gps, or a base or cord for any electronic device, will still pull power off of the battery even when it isn’t charging an item.
  • Think about removing additional items from the vehicle. Sound systems, alarm systems, etc. will continue to drain the battery, as well as things like newer proximity keys, and any technological additions you may have modified your classic with. Not only do these items need to be turned off fully, but they should also be unplugged to avoid additional pull off the battery.

Check out this recent infographic we put together for more tips on how to protect your classic car while it is in storage, and let us know if you have any questions about insurance coverage during an unused period for your vehicle. Give us a call today at 888-901-1338 to talk to one of our classic car insurance specialists.
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