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Custom ’64 Chevy C10 – Black and Beauty and Chrome, Oh My

Good Things Come to Those Who Renovate

All Terry Clark ever wanted is to build his dream truck and enjoy it. Now, here he is showing his refurbished 1964 Chevy C10 at the 2018 World of Wheels in Indianapolis. Terry tells us participating in WOW is a celebration of good things that come to those who renovate. We can relate, because we all know classic truck builds can take on a life of their own. “Time has been the biggest struggle on this renovation,” Terry says. “Every day there is something new that has to be done.” Can you relate to Terry’s lament? What hurdles have you faced during a classic truck build? Tell us in the comments (go ahead, you can vent).

Looks That Stand Out

No collector could miss this gleaming black C10. It practically glows on the showroom floor, something that Terry worked hard to achieve. “I love trucks and always wanted a black one,” he says. “Bottom line, it has to be a dependable ride with looks that stand out.” Terry finds precisely the truck body he is looking for in Tennessee, a road trip away.

“Oh, I’m upgrading this engine.”

Getting the truck home turns out to be a challenge. “It would not fit on the trailer, so I had to drive it home,” he laughs. “It was a 6-cylinder and after that ride, I knew I was upgrading the engine.” He installs a new SBC 350 V8 engine with Edelbrock Pro Flo XT fuel injection. Terry goes with a 350-auto transmission minus the overdrive, a decision he is still questioning. “I can always add it later.”

Black is Beauty. Cleaning It, Not So Much.

Terry thinks a lot about the overall look of the truck. He wants everything to flow. He envisions a paint scheme with help from Joshua Wells from WickedKolor, choosing PPG Jet Black for the exterior with matte pewter accents and interior, plus a flashy shine of chrome. Everything from the wheels and side moldings to the seats and door panels compliments each other. Terry’s one concern? “If you think chrome is hard to keep clean, wait until you deal with black for a while.”

“My wife really loves it.”

Terry is not the only family member who is satisfied his dream truck project is complete. “Spending this kind of money takes patience from your better half. You always want them to like it, too. My wife really loves it.” Even though WOW 2018 is likely the only time the public will have a chance to see it on display, Terry’s alright with that. “[Entering shows] is not for me,” he says. “I’m just happy it is finished and feel like celebrating.”

Get Ready for Project C-10 powered by American Modern

Classic Auto Insurance is celebrating 25 years with our very own restoration of a 1965 Chevy C-10. Classic Auto and American Modern bring our collective passion, excitement and experience together in a work crew that’s heart-set on building this fabulous Restomod – and we’re going to share it with you, every step of the way. Get ready!

We also know accidents will happen, so leave nothing to chance. Even before you finish your masterpiece, protect it during its restoration. Classic Auto Insurance offers affordable coverage for a variety of collector cars. Let our knowledgeable staff answer all your questions and customize a policy to meet your needs. Visit our website at or call 888-901-1338 and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.

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Chevy C10 Truck Forums and Podcasts Offer Support and Knowledge

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

While you’re tirelessly working on your Chevy C10 truck, do ever wish you could ask a fellow C10 enthusiast for advice when you get stumped on the latest repair? If your laptop or phone is close at hand, then someone from your tribe is likely within reach. We are talking about connecting through one of the many classic Chevy truck forums available online. Ask a repair question, look for design inspiration or just talk trucks with someone a world away. Groups like the GMTruckClub, and offer forums to discuss topics ranging from preferred vendors and truck modifications to photo galleries and classified ads. Are you a member of a Chevy C10 truck forum? Which one offers the best advice on a build? Share your favorite with us in the comments.

Connect on a Forum

The forum format evolves from the early days of the internet. Computer programmers and software designers start sharing ideas, asking for help with pesky problems and interacting with groups of like-minded individuals. Exchanging information on bulletin boards led to the use of chatrooms for shorter length comments and forums for longer, more involved communication. Forum discussions are called threads and can include people from everywhere and all walks of life. Participating in a Chevy C10 forum is an excellent resource for all things truck-related.

Bonding Over Builds

One of the largest discussion threads on any C10 forum is always the truck modification section. Classic owners eagerly share their experiences. This category is where the real nuts and bolts discussions happen. Just post your question and await the answers. It all takes place under the watchful eye of a moderator, who keeps the discussion productive. The questions for C10 lovers cover topics like swapping out engines and plans for upgrades. Not a hands-on restorer? Reading threads is a great way to learn what happens during a build.

Tune-in, C10 Nation

While forums are helpful, your keypad may distract you – all that typing. Stay informed by listening to a podcast while you work. A favorite among the Chevy faithful is C10 Nation. Host Ronnie Wetch grew up around Chevy trucks and his love for them is evident in every conversation. Topics range from reviews of events like the Lone Star Throwdown and SEMA to interviews with other builders and favorite vendors. There is plenty of hands-on advice for finding the right suspension or jazzing up your truck’s interior. You can listen to his show on iTunes, Stitcher, or iHeartRadio. Ronnie also has his own YouTube Channel, so check it out.

Never Alone in the C10 Universe

Whether working on your truck is therapeutic, singular activity or a group effort, it is always nice to pick a fellow restorer’s mind for ideas. Reach out to the C10 community and discuss your build. Let them help you find a solution to your repair issues and give you support. Who knows – you might help with one of their builds in return. Most importantly, enjoy the experience.


Coming Soon from Classic Auto – Project C10

At Classic Auto Insurance, we are devoting blood, sweat and tears to restoring a 1965 Chevy C-10 and we are almost ready to share our build with you (our tribe). Stay tuned for the premiere of Project C10, powered by American Modern. It will be a classic! We also know accidents will happen, so leave nothing to chance. Protect your masterpiece during its restoration. Classic Auto Insurance offers affordable coverage for a variety of collector cars. Let our knowledgeable staff answer all your questions and customize a policy to meet your needs. Visit our website at or call 888-901-1338 and see how we can help safeguard your dream car or truck.

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