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Porsche Lover’s Dream Auction Happening in Florida


26 Classic Porsches Head to Auction in Fort Lauderdale

Porsche lovers are about to be treated to an incredible weekend filled with 26 opportunities to own their favorite classic sports cars. Auctions America is hosting their yearly Fort Lauderdale, FL sales event March 31-April 1. Slated to cross the auction block are 26 cars from the JLG Autocrib Porsche Collection. This impressive group spans 48 years of Porsche production and includes an extensive display of collector Porsche merchandise.

Porsche Collection Highlights Changes

Jack and Alice Gish of Connecticut are the owners who lovingly assembled this amazing group of cars and memorabilia. “I’ve always loved Porsches – their look, their sound, the way they hug the road,” Jack says. “Our collection showcases the subtle changes in the Porsche line over the decades.” Although parting with this fantastic assemblage of cars will be hard, the couple feels it is time to share them with other Porsche lovers.

Hollywood Heavy Hitters Drove These Cars

Several of the sports cars in the auction have a Hollywood connection. A 1955 356 Speedster, once owned by actor Nicholas Cage, is among those for sale. Cage, a well-known classic car enthusiast, meticulously restored this beautiful convertible. Also featured is a 1958 Porsche RSK Spyder Tribute that was driven by actor Bruce Willis in the 1992 film, Death Becomes Her.


Porsche Memorabilia Features Unique, Signed Items

The Auctions America sale features an extensive collection of Porsche memorabilia, which ranges from dealer displays and rare promotional posters to autographed racing attire, helmets and gloves. There is even a glass door from the Parts Department of a Porsche dealership. These items would be a great addition to any collector’s garage.

Something for Every Porsche Fan

This collection runs the gamut from early models like the 1960 356B coupe to modern variations like the 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo coupe. In a 2012 article, Road and Track claims the 2003 Porsche 911 is the “most civilized sports car in the world.” High praise from the experts. With its iconic design and superior handling, this car is sure to be high on every bidder’s list.


Record Prices for Porsches Still Holding

The collector market value of Porsches and other classic cars is holding steady, despite whispers that the sales bubble is about to burst. Recently at the Gooding and Company auction in Amelia Island, FL, a 1998 Porsche 911 GTI Strassenversion set a record price for the model and the 911 brand when it sold for $5,665,000!


A Testament to the Classic Car Collector Hobby

The JLG Autocrib Porsche Collection highlights the legendary German engineering and iconic design that makes the Porsche brand an obsession for many car enthusiasts. The care and determination that goes into building it is a testament to the hobby that we all love. Thank you to the Gish family for their superb efforts in amassing a collection of this caliber and for sharing it over the years. Good luck at auction!

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Love the Chevy C-10 Truck Series? Quiz Your Knowledge [Infographic]

(Click on image to view in its entirety)

Do You Know Your Chevy C-10 Facts?

Are you an expert on all things pertaining to the Chevy C-10 truck series? Can you spot the differences in each generation? If these pickups are your favorite classic trucks, we have a fun quiz that will test your eye for details. See how many questions you get right and challenge your friends to beat your score.

Popular Chevy C/K Series is Tops in U.S

In 1960, Chevy rolls out one of America’s most popular truck lines, the Chevy C/K series. Already the frontrunner in U.S. truck sales, Chevy wants an even larger share of the market. To do this, they need to address consumer demands by improving the comfort and hauling capacity of their trucks. The Chevy C/K Series is the result.

Drivers Love the C-10 Improvements

The first-generation C-10 introduces a drop-center X-frame assembly, which reduces the cab’s height by a full seven inches. It lowers the truck’s center of gravity and offers easier access. Throw in a wider wheel base, independent front-end suspension and a re-designed body, and the C-10 gains better weight distribution and improved stability that makes for an all-around smoother ride.

What’s in a Name?

With all these creature comforts, Chevy makes a change to the C/K Series name. The model designations become a combination of letters and numbers denoting the differences in weight class (“1” for half-ton), bed length (“4” for a 6 ½ ft. body) and body style (“04” for Stepside and “34” for Fleetside). The “C” stands for conventional cab and the “K” stands for 4-wheel drive. For example, a C1404 is a half-ton Stepside convention cab truck with a 6 ½ ft. body.

The Name Game Continues

The 1960/61 C/K trucks have some additional names that are holdovers from the previous series. The lightweight trucks are called Apaches, the medium-weight trucks are called Vikings and the heavy-duty trucks are called Spartans. They are applied to both the C and K models of trucks and are phased out in 1962. You will also see earlier C/K trucks referred to as Stepside (fendered version) or Fleetside (smooth sided version) but these too faded from use.

Chevy Listens to Truck Owners

When Chevrolet introduces the OHV V8 engine into their 1955 Advanced Design series (the predecessor of the C/K series), the full-size truck market opens for them. Chevy realizes that trucks are no longer just service vehicles. They have the potential to be much more. The car maker surveys truck owners (primarily business owners at that time) and finds customers want larger, more comfortable cabs with greater visibility. These details carry over into the design of the C/K series and start the evolution to the modern-day pickup.

Chevy Silverado Replaces C/K Series in 1999

What starts out as a trim option on C-10 trucks, Suburbans and Tahoes, the Chevy Silverado eventually replaces the long running C/K series as a stand-alone model in 1999. For many, the C-10 and other models in the C/K series still evoke fond memories of their family trucks. America’s love for the pickup solidifies during the C/K era. Thanks to truck enthusiasts, it continues today.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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Coming Soon from Classic Auto – Project C-10

The C-10 is a perfect blend of the things we love about our trucks; strength, dependability and good looks. Which is why we are devoting the entire year to restoring a 1965 Chevy C-10 Truck. Stay tuned for video updates on Project C-10, powered by American Modern. It’ll be a classic. To help whet your appetite until then, enjoy this blog on the first-generation C-10 trucks and why our passion for them hasn’t waned.
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1970 Plymouth Barracuda a Showstopper 2016 WOW Indianapolis [Video]


1970 Plymouth Barracuda

Our classic cars often bring back fond memories, as is the case for one owner we spoke with at the 2016 World of Wheels in Indianapolis. The restoration of his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda is a labor of love for this Vietnam vet. Our video is sure to remind you of the reasons you are crazy about restoring and collecting, too. Share it with your fellow enthusiasts.

From Paint Job to Full Blown Restoration

Curt Wright, the owner of this MOPAR beauty just happens to be good friends with Ken Mosier from Finer Details Automotive Restoration in Danville, IN. Ten years ago, he brings the car to Ken for a simple paint job. Once they put their heads together though, it turns into a full-blown restoration (a common occurrence in the collector car world!). The results are an award-winning muscle car Curt is sure proud of.

This Vet Gets His Dream Car

After returning from the Vietnam War, Curt decides to get his life back on track. First up, ordering his dream car just the way he wants it – 383 motor, power steering and brakes, leather interior and a cool AM radio with an 8-Track player. The ‘Cuda is his pride and joy. As the years roll by, Curt spends less and less time on his car. “It was parked more than it was driven,” he laughs. He keeps it, always hoping one day to fix it up the way he wants.



Blue and Just Like New

When restoration starts, the Barracuda is in great shape. With only a slight showing of rust around the trim, body work is easy. Curt chooses a rare 1971 B7 Dark Blue Metallic paint to set it apart from other muscle cars. Now that it has a new paint job, Curt can’t stop there! Throw in a new engine, a shaker hood and custom A/C and Curt’s dream car is finally ready to show.

A Rolling Scrapbook of Memories

The Barracuda represents a lifetime of memories for Curt. “I drove it through a snow storm to attend a fellow vet’s funeral, spent endless hours washing and waxing it with my daughter and met the love of my life in this car. It’s a scrapbook of my life.”



Redesign Makes Room for Hemi Engines

The Plymouth Barracuda, built from 1964 to 1974, is originally based on the Plymouth Valiant E-body. In 1970, Chrysler redesigns their third generation giving it a shorter, sportier look and losing that economy car vibe. Sharing the same body style as the Dodge Challenger, the ‘Cuda now had more room for what else? A bigger engine (can you say, Hemi?!). Unfortunately, the new re-design comes too late to really catch on thanks to new emissions regulations that cripple the muscle car craze.

“You Can’t Put a Price on Memories”

When asked how much his car is worth, Curt always gives the same answer. “You can’t put a price on memories”. He doesn’t think of his car in terms of an investment but as a family member. Curt’s lesson for all of us; follow your dreams and cherish the memories. Words to live by.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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Get the Garage Ready! 2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition is Here

Deliveries of the 2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition are Happening

The anxious Ford GT faithful now have something to cheer about! Deliveries of the 2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition are happening. When the launch of this tribute edition was announced in June 2016, car enthusiasts clamored to get one of these beautiful sports cars. Hopefully you got your order in, because 2017 is the only model year being produced.


’66 Heritage Edition Design Inspired by a Le Mans Legend

The design pays homage to the classic Le Mans GT 40 Mark II racer that swept the grueling race back in 1966. With Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon at the wheel, this phenomenal car blew past the competition on its way to the top of the podium. It is the car that started Ford’s string of wins and put the sports car world on notice.


The ’66 Heritage Edition Comes in Henry Ford’s Favorite Color - Black

To paraphrase Ford founder Henry Ford, “You can have this car in any color you wish as long as it is black”. Designers of the 2017 ’66 Heritage Edition must have taken this mantra to heart since this super sports car comes in only one color, Shadow Black (but you can choose between a matte or high gloss finish). Silver strips highlight the curved body while gold-wheels hint at the only color these cars are used to winning. To further show off its racing pedigree, there is a “2” emblazoned on the hood and doors.


2017 Ford GT – The Fastest Car Ford’s Ever Built

With the new 2017 Ford GT rolling off the production line, interest and appreciation for these incredible cars has only grown. Clocked at a top speed of 216 mph, the Ford GT is the fastest car the Blue Oval has ever built. Now, with the release of the 2017 ’66 Heritage Edition, the GT brand has come full circle. “Celebrating the anniversary of Ford’s historic victories at Le Mans has always been a part of the return of the Ford GT,” Raj Nair, Ford Executive V.P. of Product Development and Chief Technical Officer says in a recent statement. Honoring the past, Ford is wetting the appetites of those lucky enough to get one of these cars. The wait is almost over, folks! Get those garages ready.

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MOPAR Turns 80 - Why We Love These Cars [Video]


Restored Challenger Helps Us Celebrate 80 Years of MOPAR

It’s hard to believe that MOPAR is turning 80 this year. From boosting performance on hot rods to becoming a global parts giant, MOPAR has a loyal following of car enthusiasts. Whether you love Chargers, Challengers, Darts or Barracudas, talking MOPAR gets your motor racing. Let us tease you with a look at a 1970 Orange Dodge Challenger R/T on display at the 2016 World of Wheels in Indianapolis.

Winner from Dragstrip to Showroom

This beautiful orange Dodge Challenger is the work of Ken Mosier at Finer Details Automotive Restoration in Danville, IN. Before becoming a showroom beauty, this MOPAR muscle car burned it up at the drag strip. The owner rescued it and asked Ken to bring it back to life.



Hemi Star is Born

The numbers-matching restored Challenger is one of 138 Hemi cars made and still has its original transmission. Ken and his crew spent about 1,600 hours blocking the car to get that show quality look. It looks so good that Chrysler ad executives wanted it in their 2013 Shaker Scat Pack Challenger commercial. Ken hastily added a shaker hood to her and a star was born.

MOPAR – Global Parts Giant for FCA

It is hard to believe the MOPAR brand has been around since 1937. Originally a line of antifreeze products for Chrysler Dodge cars, it soon evolved into the motor and parts division of Chrysler. We often think of MOPAR in terms of just boosting the performance of muscle cars. It is actually a global automotive giant, supplying over half a million parts for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

Gearheads Everywhere Love MOPAR

Over the years, MOPAR has created many amazing products. During WWII, they built radios and equipment for military vehicles. In the 60s and 70s, they developed the high-performance parts and engines that kick-started a drag racing phenomenon. Today the MOPAR name has worldwide recognition and commands a passionate following of muscle car enthusiasts.

The MOPAR ’17 Dodge Challenger

To mark the 80th anniversary, a limited edition MOPAR ’17 Dodge Challenger was introduced at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. Sporting two different color schemes (Pitch Black/ Contusion Blue and Pitch Black/ Billet Silver), 80 cars of each combo will be produced. Decked out with shaker hood scoops and rear spoilers, this Challenger has a 6.4L V8 engine just like in the Scat Pack and SRT models. It comes with a “birth certificate” documenting all this MOPAR baby’s vital statistics for the proud parent/owner. Expect new cars to roll into showrooms this fall.



Add a New MOPAR to Your Collection

The MOPAR ’17 Dodge Challenger is eighth in a series of limited edition models issued to sate muscle car fanatics’ lust for these powerful road warriors. Considering one for your collection? The previous seven releases include:
  • MOPAR ’10 Challenger
  • MOPAR ’11 Charger
  • MOPAR ’12 300
  • MOPAR ’13 Dart
  • MOPAR ’14 Challenger
  • MOPAR ’15 Charger R/T
  • MOPAR ’16 Ram Rebel

Dropping a Little MOPAR History

Want more history on MOPAR and how these fabulous muscle cars came about? Check out our infographic/blog and share it with your fellow gearheads. See why MOPAR rules!


(click on the image to view blog and infographic)

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