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Award Winning 1969 Camaro Z28 Comes to 2017 Detroit Autorama

Award-Winning 1969 Camaro Tries to Keep Streak Alive at Detroit Autorama

Bob Chiusano knows a thing or two about restoring Camaros. His 1969 Camaro Z28 won Best in Class at the 2016 O’Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels in Chicago. With his sights set on winning another award, Bob debuts his car at the 2017 Detroit Autorama. During our video interview, he shares his lifelong love of the Camaro and describes the trials and tribulations involved in getting this car show-ready. Have you participated in a never-ending restoration like Bob? We would love to hear your war stories. Leave us a comment.

Love at First Sight

It is a common tale among collectors. They see the car of their dreams in a dealer’s window and a lifelong obsession is born. Bob is no exception. After starting his collection, he knows it will never be complete without the Camaro Z28 of his childhood. Thus, the search for the elusive car begins.


Rust Everywhere

Finding the right candidate is no small task (as many of you know!). Bob does locate the perfect car, an intact Le Mans blue Camaro with the original white interior. The only problem, rust is everywhere. The intense bodywork fell to Ed’s Rod & Custom in Cedar Rapids, IA to complete. It takes eight to nine months of hard work to cut out and sand the rusted metal.

“Getting the Body Right is Key”

It takes 19 months before the car is re-assembled and the engine installed. Bob knows you cannot skimp on metal work if you want an award-winning car. “Getting the body right is key. It forms the basis for how the lines and gaps fit,” Bob says. “I’m proud of the way it turned out.” The show judges seem to agree with him.


Certified by Jerry MacNeish – Camaro Expert

Bob’s Camaro Z28 is numbers matching and certified by Jerry MacNeish of Camaro Hi-Performance Inc. He is an author and expert on Camaros, Chevelles and the Nova SS Chevy II. He is also a car consultant with Barrett-Jackson Auctions. Part of the certification service Jerry provides is a photo data analysis. It confirms VINs, trim tags, engine stamps, build sheets and transmission stamping to make sure they all match up. Documentation proving your car is numbers matching is priceless.

Camaro Buyers Beware

Because many Camaros were raced or driven hard during their early years, they may not have many of the original parts. Jerry has built an extensive database of all the parts produced for these cars. He knows exactly how many cars were built each year and in what colors. If you are looking to acquire a late 60s Camaro of your own, heed these suggestions from Jerry:
  • Determine if the drivetrain is original.
  • Make sure the trim tag is authentic.
  • Verify all original paperwork.
  • Check the hidden VINs on the body. They should match the one on the dash.
  • Verify that the car maker produced the current exterior and interior color scheme. For example, a larger number of black Z28 Camaros now exist that were originally produced by Chevy.


Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Bob is happy with how his dream Camaro turned out. “It runs great! I will never part with it.” We are glad that he has decided to share this fantastic car with us. Hopefully Bob’s story inspires you to start or continue the search for your dream car. Once you have it, protect it even during its restoration. Classic Auto Insurance offers affordable coverage for a variety of collector cars. Let our knowledgeable staff answer all your questions and customize a policy to meet your needs. Visit our website at or call 888-901-1338 and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.
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1930 Ford Model-A Hot Rod Wins 2017 Hot Rod of the Year

An Awesome Customization

This beautiful blue custom 1930 Ford Tudor Model-A Hot Rod is the 2017 Hot Rod of the Year! Owners Ralph and Linda Miller show everyone who is boss by taking home the coveted award at the 2017 Goodguys Nashville Nationals in May. We knew it is something special when we saw it under the showroom lights at the 2017 Detroit Autorama and we cannot wait to see what other awards it wins. Check out and share our video interview with builder Bob Hilton of Hilton Hot Rods. See what goes into an impressive renovation like this. Do you love these custom paint jobs? Let us know if you think the builder nailed this 60s style in the comments.


Stunning Artistry

This winning hot rod is inspired by the paneled paint artistry of legendary customizer Larry Watson, who took his cue from paint master Von Dutch. Watson inspired generations of customizers with his scallops, fades, kandies and pearlized panels. Now, it’s hard to imagine hot rods without these spectacular paint jobs. Bob Hilton, his crew and the paint work of Travis “Tuki” Hess of Bucky’s Ltd Auto Body capture the spirit of Watson’s creations in this year-long build that also sports a killer leather interior by Mike Lippincott.

Power and Beauty

This hot rod has the looks and the power. Equipped with a Chrysler 392 Hemi built by Ross Racing Engines, it leaves the competition in the dust. A 4-71 huffer, a group of Ford 94 series carbs and a Vertex mag complete the package. This classic sits atop 16 inches of chrome steel rims, rounding out a perfect hot rod look.

The Ford Model-A a Hot Rod Favorite

Ford Model-A cars are a favorite for hot rodders. Millions rolls off the assembly line before production halts in 1932. Model-A bodies are still easy to find and after-market parts are readily available. These cars are an excellent choice for first-time rodders, too.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

After all your hard work customizing your hot rod, protecting it is a top priority. Classic Auto Insurance offers affordable coverage for unique cars just like yours. Let our friendly, knowledgeable staff answer all your questions and customize a policy to meet your needs. Visit our website at or call 888-901-1338 and see how we can help safeguard your dream hot rod.
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The Dodge Power Wagon – Tough, Hardworking and Collectible


The Dodge Power Wagon – 71 Years and Still Going Strong

Are you looking for something new to add to your collection? Consider the original 4x4 off-road vehicle – the Dodge Power Wagon. Dodge introduces the first mass-produced four-wheel drive truck in 1946. Tough, hardworking and ready for whatever you throw at it, the Power Wagon becomes the go-to vehicle for many local fire stations, power companies and businesses. For the last 71 years, it is one truck that lives up to its name.

From War Wagon to Power Wagon

The design of the Power Wagon is fashioned after the formidable ¾ ton WC Series. These WWII utility vehicles could go anywhere and haul anything. They become a vital part of the U.S. war effort. The flat-fender Power Wagon (FFPW) retains many features from its military cousins. A reinforced chassis makes traversing through water, sand and mud relatively easy. If the FFPW ever does get stuck, no problem. It can pull itself out of trouble using its 10,000-lb. winch.


The Name Says It All

The first model is called the WDX General Purpose Truck - not a name that easily rolls off the tongue! Thankfully, Dodge changes it in favor of the truck’s showroom nickname, Power Wagon. The early flat-fender models have collectors taking notice. Despite being a favorite with farmers and businesses, only 5,450 trucks are produced from 1946-1948.


Workhorse Wagon

Whether towing, hauling or plowing snow, the one-ton Power Wagon is indispensable. With its 230-cubic inch flathead V6 engine, heavy-duty suspension and an 8-ft. wood slat cargo bed, this workhorse truck can haul up to 3,000 lbs. With powerful traction, extra clearance and a rugged undercarriage, the original Power Wagon is engineered to handle extreme driving and work conditions. Park it all atop 8-ply 16 x 6 inch, five stud wheels and this truck can cross any terrain, wet or dry. It earns a reputation for being built to last.


Did a Power Wagon Pull Your Family Camper in the 70’s?

Federal safety regulations bring an end to the production of the military style Power Wagon in 1968. A modernized version of the truck appears in 1972. With its first significant body change, the 1974 Club Cab model becomes a favorite with families towing their campers. The Power Wagon sells until 1980, when the model gave way to Dodge’s newest marquee, Ram Trucks.

The Power Wagon Legacy Lives On

The Power Wagon name is dusted off and given to the Ram 2500 in 2005. Trucks that can stand up to extreme driving conditions are always in high demand and the Power Wagon fits that criteria. In 2010, Ram Trucks becomes a stand-alone division under the Fiat-Chrysler Automobile umbrella. The Power Wagon legacy lives on with some of Ram’s toughest off-road trucks.


Today’s Power Wagon is Ram Tough

Today’s 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon is considered one of the toughest trucks made. With a 410 hp Hemi V8 engine, locking differentials and heavier gauge running gear, this truck puts the power back in Power Wagon. Add on two extra inches of lift (a total of 14.3” off the ground) and a standard 12,000 lbs. winch, this beast can clear Flintstone-sized boulders.

1948 Power Wagon Nets a Nice Price at Auction

For classic collectors, the early model Power Wagons still hold much of the interest. At the 2017 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction a numbers-matching 1948 Dodge Power Wagon sells for $99,000. We are glad to see these hardworking service trucks are finally getting the acknowledgment they deserve. Power on, Power Wagons!

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

If you own a vintage truck, you understand how important it is to find the right insurance. Classic Auto Insurance offers affordable coverage that includes tiered mileage plans, agreed value and mileage rollover. Let our friendly, knowledgeable staff answer all your questions and customize a policy to meet your needs. Visit our website at or call and see how we can help safeguard your dream truck.



Coming Soon from Classic Auto – Project C-10

Once a truck fan, always a truck fan. We agree! At Classic Auto Insurance, we love all kinds of trucks and we are devoting the entire year to restoring a 1965 Chevy C-10 Truck. Stay tuned for video updates on Project C-10, powered by American Modern. It’ll be a classic!
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The Story Behind Boogieman’s Impact! the Red 1940 Ford Coupe Hot Rod


Could You Tackle a Renovation from the Ground Up?

There must be a great story behind a car named Boogieman’s Impact! We do not have to look far to find the proud owner of this luscious red 1940 Ford Coupe hot rod. The Boogieman himself, Gary Zaborowski, is happy to talk DIY restorations with us because the Riverview, MI native did all the work himself. Share our video with fellow gearheads and see how many of them are up for the challenge. Tell us your own restoration stories in the comments.

From Wrecked Race Car to a Red-Hot Classic

Where does the hot rod get its name? Life begins for this car as a racer, until an impact with a track wall -at the blistering speed of 167 mph- brings a swift end to that career. The Boogieman sees the next incarnation of his car as one monster hot rod resurrected from the remains of the wrecked racer. And Boogieman’s Impact! is born.


The Boogieman Gets Creative with Modifications

The Ford is a complete renovation. “There is hardly two inches on this car that hasn’t been re-shaped,” Gary laughs. The hand-crafted all-steel body gets a new LS-1 engine and transmission. He expands the front and back fenders to accommodate oversized tires. Even the air conditioner is installed Boogieman-style. “We put it behind the back seats to eliminate the clutter under the front dash. I think it looks cleaner that way and works great.”

1940 Ford Coupes Hot-Rodders’ Favorites

It is not hard to see why Gary chooses to restore this car. With its high flat-topped hood and molded roadster body, the 1940 Ford Coupe is a favorite with hot rodders and stands out as one of the best models to modify into a smoking hot rod. Not only does Gary seamlessly piece together the body of the Coupe, he paints it as well. “It is Cherry Red over Gunmetal Gray. I call the color Candy Black Raspberry.” We call it hot.


Pride in a Job Well Done

So, what’s next for the Boogieman? He is working on a 1940 Willys that will be ready for the 2018 Detroit Autorama. For Gary, a retired GM employee, it is about doing the work himself. Pride shines through every time he speaks about his cars. “I want the other guys to know that you can do it, too!” he says. Knowing Gary’s passion for restoration, we are sure his next car will also leave an impact on those who see it. Best of luck, Boogieman.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Seeing the hard work and creativity that goes into restoring and modifying hot rods is why we love shows like the Detroit Autorama. For the owners, protecting their restorations is a top priority. Classic Auto Insurance offers affordable coverage for your collection. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions and customize a policy to meet your needs. Visit our website at or call and see how we can help safeguard your dream hot rod.
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