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This is Project C10

How Do You Commemorate 25 Years of Truly Inspired Service for Classic and Collector Car Enthusiasts?

You show them you share the same passion for classic cars as they do, that’s how. So we have devoted an entire year to restoring a 1965 Chevy C10 truck, documenting each phase of the re-build along the way. We call it Project C-10, powered by American Modern, and we’re sharing it with you.

Getting the Party Started

Not only is Classic Auto celebrating 25 years, Chevrolet is celebrating 100 years of Chevy truck history in 2018. It’s also worth mentioning, our Chevy C10 is a 1965 model, the same year our Project C10 partner and underwriter, American Modern Insurance Group (AMIG), is established. AMIG restores a different ’65 Chevy to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2015 (1965 Malibu SS). It’s so much to celebrate and now is the time.

1965 a Very Good Year for Chevy Trucks

Chevrolet becomes part of General Motors in 1918, the same year Chevy’s first-ever truck is released. The American auto manufacturer produces over 85 million trucks in the past century. One that helps define the modern-day pickup is the C10. The Chevy C10 is a half-ton, two-wheel, rear drive truck available in a 6.5-foot bed with a 115-inch wheelbase and an 8-foot bed with a 127-inch wheelbase. In its heyday it features new independent front suspension, a larger cab and a bigger windshield, with two body styles to choose from. Its innovative design makes it the most popular model of the C/K truck series, which breaks all-time sales records in 1964, 1965 and 1966 - making Chevy a household name.
c10 restoration

Our Restored Chevy C10 is a Beauty

The goal of Project C10 is to restore our C10 truck to a beautiful restomod that can serve as Classic Auto’s collectible ambassador at classic and collector car shows and events. A restomod mixes tried-and-true restoration techniques with high-performance parts and new technology to create a vehicle that features the best of both worlds - classic styling with the comfort, performance and reliability of today. Our restomod truck has the timeless appearance of the original, revved up with modern features for a much cooler ride.

Best Restoration Crew

We have assembled a very special crew for Project C10 – you may even recognize one of the them. Our team of Classic Auto and AMIG employees is lead by Rick Drewry, AMIG’s senior claims specialist and on-air host of many Classic Auto videos, and our very own vice president, Drew Yagodnik. Everyone brings their own knowledge, specialty and passion to the project -Rick alone has owned and restored collector cars for 30 years. Everything we are experiencing will help us serve our customers with even more satisfaction than ever before. “We are proud of the work both our staffs have done. We want to take our truck on the road to car shows and meet the people who cheered us on,” Drew says. “The staff deserves the opportunity to see peoples’ reactions to the C10. Besides, they want to engage in a little garage talk with fellow classic enthusiasts.”

How to View Project C10

Stay up-to-date with Project C10 by subscribing to Classic Auto’s YouTube Channel and by visiting our C10 Restoration page on, where you’ll enjoy numbered episodes, project-specific Tech Tips and behind-the-scenes articles that give you an inside look into what it takes to restore a classic collectible like a Chevy C10 truck.
c10 truck restoration

Legacy of Classic Auto Insurance

Classic Automobile Insurance Agency is a family business built on a love of classic cars. We take every opportunity we can to give back to fellow classic and collector car enthusiasts by sponsoring events such as Carmel Artomobilia and Fuelicious, attending classic car events throughout the Midwest to document owners’ stories of their dream cars, partnering with like-minded companies and organizations to better serve our customers and bringing you unique learning opportunities like Project C10, powered by American Modern. Having owned a variety of collectibles ourselves, we understand your unique needs as the owner of a prized vehicle. Its age, rarity, value, unique features, limited use, availability of parts and services and popularity across generations require special protection. Whether you bought it at auction, drove it off the lot or restored it to perfection in your garage, we will build you a personal auto insurance program designed specifically for owners of collectible cars, and provide support when claim time comes. Visit our website at or call 888-901-1338 to learn more.
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Futuristic 3D Printing is Saving Our Automotive Past

3D Technology is Rescuing Rare Classic Cars

What is the hardest part of a restoration? Locating the right car? Getting the work done? Most classic car collectors will likely say it is finding OEM parts. Restoring a car to its original condition is harder to achieve due to the limited availability of genuine parts and the fragile condition of those you find. Thankfully, 3D technology is coming to the rescue for rare and endangered vehicles. With the help of 3D printing, not-to-impossible classic car restorations are happening, and they’re beautiful. Would you use a 3D printed component to replace an obsolete one in your classic car? Is it still considered original or is it modified? Share your views on 3D printing classic replacement parts in our comments. We would love to hear your opinion.

3D Printing Hard-to-Find Classic Car Parts

For hard-to-find car parts, 3D printing is a classic solution, as evidenced by one of our recent blog posts. The world of classic car restoration has been experimenting with 3D technology for some time. The process uses a 3D scanner to focus on targets or markers that have been placed over large surfaces (bumpers, hoods, doors). It ensures that a detailed scan records every bump, curve and deviation. The digitized data renders a complete 3D CAD model, ready for the printer. A laser inside fuses together layers of plastic, metal or carbon fiber to form an identical rendition of the car or part, accurate down to the scanned imperfections in the sheet metal. This technology is where classic car restoration is headed.

Saving a Rare 1937 Ford Eifel

As part of a project to protect a rare 1937 Ford Eifel, teams up with Artec 3D to scan the entire car, inside and out. The convertible, with a chassis built by German coachbuilder Gläser, is taken apart and digitized to create a duplicate CAD model. 3D measurements are also made, at the owner’s request, to document the 80-year-old car’s current condition and allow for future parts to be printed. Using no other manufacturer’s specs, Artec uses the scans to reverse engineer the missing rag top – and save one of less than 100 of the 60,000 cars produced in Germany and Hungary between 1935-1939 that are known to exist.

Preserving Data for Future Generations

Artec is confident 3D technology can preserve other rare vehicles like the Ford Eifel before they fall victim to the ravages of time. To avoid losing any more of our automotive history, Artec has created a database filled with 3D scans of classic cars. By archiving this data, spare parts can be created to restore these beautiful automobiles for future generations.

Classic Restoration Shops Go 3D

Many skeptical classic car collectors have recently come onboard with 3D printing. The parts generated save money on restoration and eliminate the guesswork of reverse engineering. Molds get created and mock-ups tested before anything is die cast. Restoration shops are teaming up with 3D companies to attract classic collectors who need rare parts for their restorations. Hahn Vorbach, a high-end restorer in PA., has partnered with Freshmade3D to scan, reverse engineer and design hard to find parts for their clients. They are not alone. More and more classic car restorers are advertising these specialized services.

Porsche Begins 3D On-demand Printing

If you use a 3D generated part, is it still considered original? Porsche says yes. The carmaker has a stockpile of spare parts for their classics, although they are running out of individual components. They are currently 3D printing nine impossible-to-locate parts for their limited-production models, the 959, 964 and the 911 Speedster. On-demand 3D printing saves on tooling and storage. Porsche tests all the parts to assure they meet original standards. They find the 3D printed versions often exceed t. Porsche is so confident in this new technology; they are already planning to expand this service.

Get Ready for Project C-10 powered by American Modern

Classic Auto Insurance is celebrating 25 years with our very own restoration of a 1965 Chevy C-10. Classic Auto and American Modern bring our collective passion, excitement and experience together in a work crew that’s heart-set on building this fabulous Restomod – and we’re going to share it with you, every step of the way. Get ready!
The possibilities 3D technologies create for classic car restoration is phenomenal. Whether you decide to use a 3D printer or not, Classic Auto Insurance protects your treasured collector car during all phases of the renovation. We offer affordable coverage for a variety of collector cars. Let our knowledgeable staff answer all your questions and customize a policy to meet your needs. Visit our website at or call 888-901-1338 and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.

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