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DMA’s 2nd Annual Spring Block Party – Car Lovers That Care


Springtime, Cars and a Good Cause!

Spring is finally here and it is time to celebrate! Dream Makers Automotive is throwing open its doors once again for the 2nd Annual Spring Block Party on May 14th 11a-6p. Together with Mobile Medical Maintenance and MDA of Northern Indiana, DMA is raising money to help families coping with Muscular Dystrophy.


More Guests, More Cars and More Fun

Last year’s event was an overwhelming success with close to five thousand guests dropping by to see some great looking cars, listen to live music and have an all-around good time. This year DMA expects around 10,000 guests and a 1,000 cars on display. The car show will feature exotics, modified and classic muscle cars, modified import and tuner cars and of course trucks.


Let the Good Times Roll!

Fort Wayne Food Trucks will be out in force with plenty of enticing treats for everyone while Main Street Bistro will serve up some delicious drinks to go with them. What could be better than good food, great drinks and gorgeous cars?


Something for Everyone to See

The Mobile 1 #14 NASCAR Trailer will be on display with their race simulator revved up and ready to go. Make sure to check out the two military Hummers and SWAT vehicles that will be set up. Vendors like Corsa Performance Exhaust and Air Intake Systems and Atlanta Custom Wraps will feature some amazing cars seen in Las Vegas at SEMA 2015 and will answer all your questions.


Why Not Show Off Your Car?

Come out and enjoy some great cars, better yet bring yours and show it off. There’s no registration fee and all classes are welcome. With over 400 cars on display last year, DMA hopes to double that number this year.


Mark Your Calendars – Spring Block Party on May 14th

The DMA 2nd Annual Spring Block Party is May 14th 11a-6p at Dream Makers Automotive, 6393 Cross Creek Blvd., Fort Wayne, Indiana. Come celebrate the great weather and see some great cars.


Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

We are proud to be a part of the Indiana collector car community. If you are a car lover and are looking for affordable collector car insurance, give us a try. The friendly staff at Classic Auto Insurance will answer all your questions and find the right policy for your needs. Visit our website at and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.

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The 2017 Ford GT – Is Your Name on the List?

7000 Applications Already!

At 4:01 am GMT on April 13, 2016 Ford’s official website lit up like a Christmas tree. Applications for the 2017 Ford GT were now being accepted. With only 500 of these awesome supercars being produced, selection is going to be like winning the lottery. As of April 21st, Ford had received 7000 entries (and counting)!

Sticker Shock Not Keeping Them Away

Selection is not going to be an easy task for the executives at Ford. Since its 2015 Detroit debut, GT fever has been building and even the $450,000 price tag hasn’t scared potential buyers away. The automaker says loyal Ford customers and current GT owners will be given first consideration.

Ford vs Ferrari

Why the fervor over a car that doesn’t have an Italian pedigree? To answer that question, look at the history of the car and the man who envisioned it – Henry Ford II. In 1963 Ford Motors tried to purchase Ferrari but Enzo Ferrari flatly refused. Ford got mad and decided to get even. His revenge, none other than the GT-40.

Ford GT-40 Wins Big at Le Mans

It took resources and innovation to create a race car that could blow the doors off of a Ferrari racer (and everyone else) during the 24 hours of Le Mans. After 2 years of failure, the Ford GT-40 took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at Le Mans in 1966. A GT-40 went on to win the prestigious event the next three years (’67, ’68, and ’69). Ford’s payback was fast and furious.

An American Supercar Returns with the Ford GT

In 2005 Ford resurrected the high performance car. Reminiscent of the original GT-40, this first generation GT has a 5.4L all aluminum modular V8 engine capable of producing 550 hp and a top speed of 205 mph. The limited production run of the GT ended in 2006 with 4038 units sold.

Ford Faithful Have Waited Long Enough

The Ford faithful have been anxiously awaiting the return of their favorite performance car and at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit they got their wish. Ford Motors will issue a limited number of second generation GTs (250 cars per year) during its two-year production run. Distribution takes place this summer.

The 2017 GT – Not Just Another Pretty Face

With the introduction of the Ford EcoBoost twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine, this car has more in common with the IMSA Daytona Prototype than its elder sibling. Generating 600 plus horsepower and an estimated speed of 200 mph, this supercar is having no trouble living up to its predecessors (and they haven’t even delivered it yet).

Super-light and Fast

Ford is confident that the 2017 GT will have the best weight to power ratio of any car. The super-light carbon fiber and aluminum construction is sculpted for aerodynamic efficiency. The sleek design channels air down and away, venting air over the brakes and engine. Every slant and groove on this car has a purpose.

Formula One Inspirations Abound

Innovations like the Gorilla Glass windshield (a thin, light, damage-resistant material) was used to reduce weight and lower the car’s center of gravity. The interior cockpit is definitely F-1 inspired. Molded seats are integrated into the monocoque frame. The steering wheel slides out, adjusting to the driver’s needs.

50 Years Since First Win at Le Mans

Four 2017 Ford GT cars have qualified for the 24 Hours of Le Mans June 18-19. They will be going up against their old rivals, Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren. It has been 50 years since the original GT-40 won for the first time in 1966 and Ford is hoping history repeats itself.

Application Deadline is May 12, 2016

If you decide you want one of these amazing cars, then don’t delay. The application process ends May 12th at 3:59 am GMT. While submitting an entry does not guarantee you will get one, it does offer an opportunity to outfit “your GT” the way you want. So dream large folks and get those applications in, your 2017 GT could be waiting.


Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Protect your brand new Ford GT with the right insurance coverage. The friendly staff at Classic Auto Insurance will answer all your questions and find the right policy for your needs. Visit our website at and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.

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Speedway’s Festival on Main - Helping Race Families in Need


3rd Annual Festival on Main – May 13th 5-11p

May is race month in Indiana. A time filled with one celebration after another, and the town of Speedway is right in the thick of it. On May 13th, following qualifying for the Grand Prix of Indianapolis, join the citizens of Speedway for a night of live entertainment, a classic cars and plenty of Hoosier hospitality at the 3rd annual “Festival on Main” benefiting the Indy Family Foundation.

Supporting Race Families in Need

The Indy Family Foundation is a volunteer organization helping members of the motor sports community who are experiencing financial need due to an illness, injury or death. From crew members to drivers, course workers to support staff, any licensed participant in racing is eligible for assistance.

SONAX – Classic Cars Part of Festival on Main

SONAX is proud to sponsor a classic car show from 5-9p during the Festival. There will be four categories in which to compete – Vintage/ Classic, Muscle/Hot Rod, Exotic/Sports Car, and Truck. Come out and see some great looking automobiles while helping support a worthy cause. To learn more about SONAX and their quality car care products, visit their website

The 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 – May 29th

The May racing calendar is full of top flight action. On Sunday May 14th the Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis features the best of the Verizon Indy Car Series and on May 29th the world comes to IMS for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. This year, Roger Penske is being honored for his 50 years as a team owner by driving the 50th anniversary edition Chevy Camaro pace car.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

We are proud to be a part of the Indiana car community. If you are a car lover and looking for affordable collector car insurance, give us a try. The friendly staff at Classic Auto Insurance will answer all your questions and find the right policy for your needs. Visit our website at and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.

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Porsche 911 - Speed, Style and Staying Power



The Iconic Porsche 911 – The Ultimate Sports Car

Very few cars are as recognizable as the Porsche 911 with its trademarked shape. For over 50 years, the German auto maker made only slight alterations to each generation, staying true to the original design. For many collectors, the 911 is the ultimate sports car. We wanted to see for ourselves and luckily our friends at Elite Autos in Jonesboro, AR were kind enough to let us take a look at a 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo.


A Legend is Born

In 1963 F.A Porsche, grandson of company founder Ferdinand Porsche, designed a sports car that today is recognized the world over. With its rear engine layout, iconic profile and mind altering speed, the Porsche 911 is one of the oldest sports coupé nameplates currently still in production. It may be over 50 but one look will convince you just how relevant the 911 still is today.


 For Porsche, Winning is the Company Business

From its timeless style to its blazing speed, the 911 (in all its variations) has stood the test of time. Porsche is synonymous with racing. By 2015 the company had complied more than 28,000 victories, making it the most successful brand in motorsports. What they learned on the racetrack, they channeled into making the 911 even better.


Porsche 993 – Last of a Breed

The 1997 993 (the company’s internal designation for that generation of 911) is the last of the air cooled engines and the last of the hand built cars produced by Porsche. Only 612 turbos were imported to the U.S. that year. In the eyes of purists, the 993 is an ideal blend of technology and classic Porsche craftsmanship. Some have even gone so far as to call it the best of the 911 series.


Air Cooled or Water Cooled?

Which is better – air cooled or water cooled engines? It is a debate among car enthusiasts that will probably never be resolved. For Porsche diehards, nothing beats the roar of an air cooled engine. Sure, a water cooled engine emits less toxic chemicals, runs more efficiently and is quieter but the real question has to be - who drives a classic sports car to be quiet?



 The 911 Porsche 993 Will Get Your Heart Racing

The 3.6L 6-cylinder engine on the 993 has a top speed of 180 mph, rates 408hp and goes from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds. Even by today’s standards, that’s fast! The multi-link rear suspension, twin turbochargers and wider rear arches work to improve the overall stability and performance. The first turbo to have all-wheel drive, the 993 is tame enough to drive every day yet fast enough to make your heart race.


 993 - Elegance and Muscle, All in One

To the Porsche faithful, the 993 embodies the grace and elegance of earlier models all neatly rolled into one muscular package. It has excellent balance, traction and style, everything you can ask for in a sports car. That is why this 20-year-old car still is on every collector’s wish list



Porsche 911 – Ready to Take You for the Ride of a Lifetime

While this car might be considered archaic by some (foolish people!), the rest of us view the 911 Porsche 993 as totally awesome. Who didn’t have a poster of this car on their wall growing up? This is a sports car that you enjoy driving which is why finding one with low mileage is tough. Owners couldn’t help themselves. This car is only happy roaring down the highway, taking you for the ride of a lifetime. Be still my beating heart.



 Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Before you hit the road in your classic Porsche 911 make sure it is protected with the right coverage. The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Classic Auto Insurance will help you find the perfect policy for your needs. Visit our website at and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.

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Chevy Camaro - 50 Years and Counting for an American Icon


Happy 50th Birthday, Camaro!

2017 is going to be a banner year for the Chevy Camaro. The legendary muscle car is turning the big 5-0 and Chevy is pulling out all the stops! The soon to be released 50th Anniversary Edition Camaro is sure to be a collector favorite.

Orders for the 50th Anniversary Edition Camaro Start Soon

Only available in Nightfall Gray metallic with an orange stripe on the hood and trunk, the commemorative roadster screams “muscle car”. Whether you choose a coupe or convertible, V6 or V8, you’d better be ready to make your selection soon because orders start this summer.

One of America’s Longest Running Nameplates

Special anniversary badges are liberally sprinkled inside and out on this menacing muscle car. From the center caps on the 20 inch wheels to the front and back fenders, Chevy is clearly proud of one of America’s longest running nameplates.

Camaro Stands for "Pony-eater"

Black and gray are the colors of the day for this monster, with pops of orange showing up on the brake calipers and interior stitching. Leather and suede cover the cockpit in buttery softness, a stark contrast to the ominous visage outside. This car is clearly a “pony-eater”.


Built to Beat the Mustang

When it was first introduced on September 26, 1967, the Camaro was already two years behind the Ford Mustang in sales and popularity but it quickly caught up. Built with the singular purpose of beating the Mustang in every possible way, Chevy sold 220,906 Camaros in the first year alone. The pony war was on!

Race Ready Right Out of the Showroom

There is no mistaking Camaro’s mark on the American auto industry. Together with the Ford Mustang, U.S muscle cars dominated the market for years. Fast, powerful and the epitome of cool, everyone wanted a Camaro. In 1967 Chevy offered the Z/28 Special Performance Package with a 302 cubic inch V8 engine (certified SCCA race legal) as a way to counter Mustang’s racing efforts. Only 609 of these rare race ready cars were sold.

Glory Days of Big Engines Disappear

Camaro sales reached an all-time high in 1979 with 282,571 sold but with the onset of EPA emissions regulations, the era of the muscle car was drawing to a close. To comply with restrictions Chevy introduced the anemic 2.5L 4-cylinder engine in 1982 nicknamed the “Iron Duke” which produced an unfortunate 90hp. The glory days of the muscle car were dimming.

A Movie Transforms (and Saves) the Camaro

After 35 years of continuous production, lagging sales briefly brought an end to the Camaro in 2002. The muscle car faithful would not be silenced, prompting Chevy to re-introduce a modern, beefed up 5th generation version in 2010 as a tie-in to the movie Transformers. Thankfully, Hollywood saved the muscle car.

Camaro Tops Mustang Sales 5 Straight Years

Since its re-launch Camaro sales have topped 500,000 cars, outpacing Ford Mustang sales 5 straight years. But the pony car wars are still going strong, Mustang sales surged with the release of their 50th anniversary redesign. Only time will tell if the Camaro commemorative edition will keep their winning sales streak alive.

Will Camaro Keep Its Sales Record?

It will be close but Chevy should keep the sales title again this year. The 2016 (6th generation) Camaro is Motor Trend Magazine’s Car of the Year and with ordering for the 50th Anniversary edition about to start, the king won’t be giving up his crown just yet.

Let the Celebration Begin!

Granted the official 50th anniversary date isn’t until next year but Chevy can’t contain its enthusiasm (who can blame them?). So blow up the balloons, crank up the music and bring on the cake, Camaro is ready to flex its party muscles during this golden anniversary.

Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Protect your classic Camaro with the right insurance coverage. The friendly staff at Classic Auto Insurance will answer all your questions and find the right policy for your needs. Visit our website at and see how we can help safeguard your dream car.

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